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La Foto Del Dia

27 Mar

(La Duquesa de) ALBA tomando un café en la terraza de La Candela.


Around 9 pm Saturday night I passes the restaurant LA CANDELA in San Pere. Outside the restaurant lost in her thoughts she smoked her cigarette and drank her coffee. I asked for her picture and she agreed. When I told her where the photo would appear- she took a long drag from her cigarette and smiled faintly… she couldn’t have cared less.


24 Mar

With a clean and contemporary design philosophy Barcelona Based MODO DESIGN has kept ahead of the game by offering solutions in a modern world.

From Private residences in Menorca to restaurants in Barcelona, and most recently winner of the exclusive design competition that awarded MODO DESIGN STUDIO the first place for their presentation of a 2,110 Sq Meter private villa in Morocco. Modo Design continues to push the bounds of contemporary architecture in Catalonia and around spain.

both professors at the prestigious ETSALS  School of Architecture in Barcelona. In just four short year the studio has created some of  their most visionary work  and has combined their mediterranean sensibilities into a studio with a global vision. Modo has redefined the use of conceptual design due to their intense attention to light and space used in private residences as well as commercial spaces.

In 2010, due to the success of MODO, Christian and David decided to expand the studio to include their own line of lighting and home Accessories -DOMO.  Inspired by their design philosophy and dedication to the creation of one of a kind pieces.

PULSOBCN caught up with Christian & David (MODO DESIGN STUDIO) for a quick chat about the evolution of the studio, Spotify, Favorite restaurants and how they have not let the crisis become a 6 letter word but have rather adapted well to the changes in the market; managing to expand their design philosophy to the current global situation.

Hi Guys, Thanks for meeting up with us !

How Did you guys realize you wanted to work together and how did the name come about?

CHRISTIAN: Actually we became great partners during our career at the ETSALS university. I guess we were very used to deal with each others manner, and became great friends on personal level, and great partners on the professional level. We complement each other very well. Modo responds to “Multiple purpose design office”.

DAVID: We met in our second year at the university  in a projects course. We got along well and also shared interest for the same type of architecture. At the end of the year we decided to make a students competition together, and we won.

Would you describe your point of view Catalan? How has being raised in Menorca/Barcelona effected your design style?

C: Well, I would´t say our point of view is necessarily  “Catalan”, we are now focused in generating our own “manner” or “working style”, I dont´t think this manner is very influenced by the Catalan Design, but there is somehow a spanish approach in terms of commitment to a strong concept for each project. The economic situation in the country is not the best you can imagine, so we usually opt for a very strong idea that can be built in an easy way. That does not mean that it is an “easy idea”, we usually like to use the “simple complexity” as a term to describe our work.

D: We have a certain way of doing things that could be related to Barcelona. But mainly because some people who have influenced us live in Barcelona.

If you could redesign one architectural gem in Barcelona which one would you like to take a go at?

C: Realistically I don´t think there is a “supericon” that we would like to design. We like all types of design, no matter if we are designing an interior, a furniture peace or an iconic museum, we are now open to all types of creative developments. I think this is why we have a range of projects which we offer our clients.

D: I would like to do something with Plaça Catalunya. Itʼs a very important place that never really worked well.

I agree!! It would be great to see the focal point of Barcelona redone to fit the style of the city and serve as a gateway to all the arteries that radiate from the center. What would be a collaboration would you like to see happen with your studio (Who is your dream client)?

C: One open to new ideas and with no economic restrictions… <Laughs> Everyone´s dream I guess !!

D: Each client is different. The most important thing for a good relation is that thereʼs a mutual understanding and respect.

What has been your favorite job?

C: We had a lot of fun when we won the “europan 9 competition”, we had just finished our studies at the university, and it opened a great way to take de decision of opening our own “Atelier”.

D: The European 9 project in Soria has been really interesting and has given us a lot of experience dealing with the public administration.

What is a typical day at the MODO/DOMO Studio? Do you guys prefer to work with Music OR do you guys have a muse?

C: Coffee, Phone Calls, Spotify, loads of models and sketches… We don´t have as much time as we would like to “think more and workless”, but we are confident to make that happen sometime! We listen to all kinds of music during the day. We share music with our collaborators, so we always have a nice background.

D: We usually deal with a lot of issues, itʼs all day phone calls and mails. But we love the ongoing “stress”. Spotify is always a good option. We have developed a few fantastic Modo playlists.

Design in times of Crisis? or WHAT CRISIS?

C: Definitely what crisis…Crisis is an oportunity to open new ways of investigation and creative development. Thanks to crisis we have been able to open DOMO Product Design, redesign a new housing system, and generate a greater social network “crossed visions always enrich the final solution”. We are now in touch with different universities in order to implement workshops, we are teaching, and we are looking forward to export some of our designs internationally.

D: Crisis has given us the opportunity to rethink our way of dealing with design. As an emerging studio it is always interesting to develop new approaches to several problems.

Who do you think has been the most influential Designer in Barcelona?

C: I would not say that Barcelona has a highly influential figure who is able to outshine all designers, I would rather say that there is a lot of potential in little studios aiming to break into the international market. There are very good designers here, you only need a few google clicks to find out. It has been hard, but I think people are becoming more confident now with younger designers and with fresh ideas than a few years ago.

D: In our architecture school years Enric Miralles was a big influence for almost everybody. He was able to open a new and singular way to express spatial matters.

How has your work changed in the last few years?

C: We are a very young studio in terms of architecture, and have not been able to build as much as we would have liked. We started building a few houses and interiors. After our first buildings we were called on to redesign the facade of a very well-known hospital “Clínica Corachan” in collaboration with LLRR architects a project which is currently under construction. As I said before we designed “the b-house project”, out of the imperative necessity to investigate solutions for “low cost housing” designed with “sustainable and low impact” parameters. We are now in a time of expansion.

D: It has changed in many ways. The last years have given us a lot of experience and nowadays we are more aware of the concrete specificities of every design type.

What is your favorite bar/restaurant/hangout where we can find you on a sunday afternoon?

C. I have quite a few personal favorites; I very often visit  “la burg restaurant”. It is almost a tradition for me having dinner at “san telmo bar-restaurant” during the weekends. I would also recommend “les gens que j´aime” and “the banker bar” designed by Patricia Urquiola at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

D: On Sundays I usually grab some sushi at ʻKibukaʼ a Japanese restaurant located in the barrio of Gracia next to our studio…

For more information on MODO or to contact Christian and David directly please email them at

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La Foto Del Dia

19 Mar

The Wedding Pictures

Music Fills The Streets Of Barcelona

12 Mar

Next week the streets, plazas and parks of Barcelona will come alive as the The International Music Competition Maria Canals of Barcelona kicks off it’s 57th edition of this competition.

Founded in 1954 by the pianist Maria Canals and her husband, the writer Rossend Llates. This competition has achieved a level of  international recognition since it was accepted by the World Federation of International Music Competitions in 1958. With over 7000 participants from 100 countries and 180 jury members from all over the world this festival is one of the most accessable music competitions and has become a point of reference for music festivals the world over.

With more than 100 families from Barcelona  lending their pianos to contestants during the competition the pianos are placed in various parts of the city in order for anyone to enjoy the music of the world’s best pianists.

For a complete calendar of events CLICK HERE

MCBThe International Music Competition Maria Canals

MARCH 19, 2011- April 1, 2011

_EAT: Bestiari

9 Mar

Walk into Bestiari on any given night  and you will unexpectedly find a restaurant where diners eat under intimate pools of light focused precisely on each table. More Sarria than Born, this is a restaurant that is free from the usual three  ring circus that characterizes most restaurants in the surrounding streets.  

Photo by: David Naveira

Steps away from the Mercat del Born, Bestiari sits elegantly on the corner of  the neighbourhood’s most important culinary avenue C/Comerc.

With a menu as international as the clientele, Bestiari stands out due to its simple yet chic interior and superb level of service, a rarity in Barcelona bustling restaurant scene.

With a varied menu featuring: foie , octopus carpaccio, rissotos and creative dishes that present a modern take on both meat & fish; Bestiari has quietly become an excellent choice when the need to impress arrises.

The dessert menu,  includes a mouth-watering selection of  citrus based sweets including, an  amaretto infused Tiramisu which is bound to inspire a battle of spoons for the last scoop.

For more on the menu check out  BESTIARI’S website or head directly to the corner of Fusina & Calle Comerc.

BESTIARI- C/ Comerç, 3
08003 Barcelona
932 683 080

La Foto Del Dia

3 Mar

El Cinismo Vegano

Last Chance to see CLOWNATION

2 Mar

If you are an art collector, or simply looking for one of a kind work by original artists you have two more days to catch the amazing pieces currently hanging on the walls of  Artevistas, one of Barcelona’s best galleries to catch emerging artists. The exhibit ends on March 6.

The “CLOWNATION” exhibition of BONET & JORCO is one not to be missed! Consisting of a series of large canvases done with 4 hands by artist Alejandro Bonet (BONET) and Jordi Colonques (JORCO).

The artists distort reality by applying  a comical filter inspired by circus characters. Using images from the headlines and everyday life; no subject is spared when taking paintbrush to canvas. Their harsh look at modern society and reinterpretation using an aesthetic language of grotesque comedy makes their work intriguing.

From Madonna to the Pope-  BONET & JORCO clownify the images ripped from the tabloids and show us a different side of the images that are presented to us as “reality”.


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The word “clownie” is the final result of the transformation process or, if we may be allowed the neologism, what results from a “clownisation”.

 By presenting the circus clown or jester as caricatures that greatly exaggerate the subject’s traits the result is a transparency  that clarifies  intentions and demonstrate their motives. The beauty lays in the  paradox that, while disguised as a clown, the  person ends up revealing their true personality…

By combining their talents on one canvas, but in two separate cities Bonet & Jorco feed off of each others creativity by adding to each picture their own signature touch. To find out more about these artists take a look at the behind the scenes video. or swing by artevistas for a firsthand look at Barcelona’s most original artists.

GALERIA ARTEVISTAS-Passatge del Crèdit nº4
08002 Barcelona, Spain
935 130 465


Saturday Night at Cabaret Berlin with David Delfin and Bimba Bose

1 Mar

Every Saturday night  hundreds of locals line up around the block from C/Bailen 22, Barcelona’s most notorious address, a space that has a long-standing association with pleasure and vice. It is only natural that a building with such a sordid history would be the best place to host Silvia Prada’s glam fest known as ” Who’s The Boss”. A magnet for creatives, musician,models and  artists. The night manages to bring together a healthy dose of fashionistas, clubkids and the people who follow their every move all under one roof.


PR gurus  Xavier de Balaguer & Alejandro Mateo manage to work the door with a warm smile and open arms for the long list of  VIP’s which hold court on the various sofas around the club. I scored an invite with strict instructions from Alejandro to be there before 2am to avoid waiting in line. At 1.30 am the line was already forming the secret to Cabaret Berlin success is the ability captures the very essence of  Barcelona- a place where highbrow mixes with lowbrow  under the lights of the dance floor.

 Upon entering the space, you are transplanted to a world with no boundaries  part Cabaret / part Studio 54, the disco ball turns and the club becomes a meeting point for Barcelona’s most outrageous personalities  all with one thing in common – the need to stand out.


Bimba Bose & David Delfin

Bimba's Red Bull Shoes

This weekly party has become one of the most sought after tickets due to the fantastic DJ’s which have taken the stage and have spun for the masses. Which is why it peaked my curiosity when I saw an ad announcing  David Delfin (Fashion Designer) & Bimba Bose (The Cabriolets) spinning together this past Saturday. Their set a heavy rotation of early 90’s house with classics by Massive attack and Bjork set the tone for a NYC style night of B-sides and an eclectic mix of grooves that kept Bimba’s winged shoes bouncing all night long.

Bimba & David

Pelayo Diaz


Artistic director GINA BURDEL, makes the rounds sipping  her cocktail and making sure the vibe is right while the cast of characters pour through the door. Air kisses are handed out like candy and everyone is on the list. For a glimpse into the people who make the party check out the slide show below.

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At 3am I bump into Alejandro -dressed impeccably, he dabs his forehead with a napkin smiles and says “I think we underestimated the turnout, the line is around the block”. In a flash he’s gone again and out to the front  door of the club in order to make sure everything is going smooth. As the night continues this party turns up the volume and tears down the walls blending genres and creating an original vibe that is sure to make you smile and take it to the dance floor.

CABARET BERLIN- C/Bailén 22; 08010 Barcelona

MORE INFO-Facebook