DELISHOP – Todo Sobre Mi Hambre

27 Jun

Back in 2007, owner Monica Navarro and Ricky Mandle noticed something missing when it came to the culinary offerings in the city of Barcelona, together they created  DELISHOP a creative retail concept for food lovers aching for a bit more variety than the typical generic offerings at the local supermarket. From a wall full of recipes to the brightly lit coolers stocked with great take-out Delishop has got you covered when  time is short and the need to impress is the order of the day.

5 years later, DELISHOP hs become a  gourmet empire consisting of great ingredients, a fantastic corporate award-winning design and a passion for international flavors. What started as a small gourmet market, has grown into a Barcelona phenomenon which attracts expats, housewives and foodies alike. Expanding from the original idea of offering just their products for cooking, DELISHOP has rewritten the book on cooking classes offering such gems as cooking classes during your lunch break, which allows you to prepare your own meal and learn as you go.

The incredible showroom/classroom on Passeig Sant Joan, not only is a temple of good taste but a reference of what happens when retail becomes part of the community. The newest store has managed to attract a loyal following thanks to their amazing programs and special guest chefs catering to the time conscious urban dweller.

With two distinct spaces DELISHOPWORLD offers visitors the ability to purchase unique ingredients as well as browse over 300 cookbooks from all over the world while The Cooking Space houses a beautiful show kitchen which allows for cooking classes, workshops, event hosting and private dinners.


A gastronomic journey throughout Europe, India and Asia-  they have got you covered. From golden olive oils, mind-blowing balsamics, Japanese and Italian mushrooms, exotic varieties of chutney and some fantastic French mustards,  DELISHOP houses more than 300 ingredients  which line the walls of all four of their locations (Eixample, L’ illa, Gracia & Psg Sant Joan).  As Delishop continues to evolve into a global reference point, (Delishop currently exports their products to France, UK, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany) the brand continues to grow into its market offering a wide range of possibilities when looking to stay in and experiment in the kitchen.

From the chic corporate identity to beautifully design packaging the man in charge of this amazing contemporary look and feel is none other than Enric Aguilera, Barcelona’s most sought after Art Director.

It is no wonder that in the spring of 2010 Wallpaper* Magazine teamed up with DELISHOP to re-invented one of its most popular products, and a pillar of Spanish cuisine: allioli.

The Delishop-Wallpaper* alliolis represent the first co-branded food products to ever use the Wallpaper* logo , this partnership allowed Delishop to  create two exquisite new flavors: Orange-Saffron Allioli and Thyme-Mint Allioli.

If you live in Barcelona Delishop is a great place to pick up some new ideas, grab a great wine, or learn a new skill. For more information on DELISHOP please visit their website for a list of their cooking classes and store hours HERE

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