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The Vintage Photos Of Leopoldo Pomés At The Foto Colectania

18 Sep

Located above Avenida Diagonal tucked away on a quite street- The Foto Colectania Foundation  sits  in a nondescript building  and hides one of the best kept secrets documenting Barcelona’s past. Their latest exhibit which opens on Wednesday (September 19) presents one the city’s lesser known street photographers in a show simply titled “Barcelona 1957. Leopoldo Pomés“. The Foto Colectania recovers the photographic journey through the city of Barcelona when publisher Carlos Barral commissioned  a young Pomés in 1957 to document city life through his own eyes.

Far from portraying  Barcelona as a “showcase” city, Pomés guides you on a tour through the very essence of Barcelona in the late fifties, offering up his own view rather than a generic look at the city as a whole. Documenting  ​​life in neighborhoods such as the Raval and the Eixample his camera lens also captured  the more marginalized barrios of Barcelona like the now infamous Barceloneta,  and the areas of the  Verdum and the Encants, which at the time were located outside the city limits. However, despite its quality and intensity, for some reason theses images , most of which have never been seen have not surfaced until now.

Curated by Pepe Font de Mora, director of Foto Colectania the exhibit which runs from September 19 to January 26, 2013 will feature the 80 photographs, many of them vintage prints,  that composed  the original project.

The collection will also be compiled in a photo-book co-edited by Colectania in collaboration with La Fábrica, including texts by Juan Manuel Bonet, Leopoldo Pomés and Eduardo Mendoza and will be on sale at the Foundation.


Julián Romea, 6, D2 08006 Barcelona, Tel. +34 93 217 16 26, E-mail:


2 Sep


Until September 22nd, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA) will expand its regular hours and open Friday and Saturday until 10 pm. During this period the MACBA will offer a special summer offer which includes a PASSI card with the purchase of entry when visiting the museum. The PASSI allows free entry to the museum for a whole year.

During these extended hours the ticket includes a series of guided tours to exhibitions, as well as access to the terrace on the first floor. This space sponsored by Moritz Barcelona will invite all visitors to drink a beer in this terrace.

Currently the MACBA is presenting the following exhibitions:


MACBA- Plaça dels Àngels, 1  08001 Barcelona 902.88.49.90

Last Chance To See Brangulí Barcelona 1909-1945 At The CCCB

4 Nov


One of the most amazing photo exhibits  I have seen this year has to be the exhibition at the CCCB  “Brangulí Barcelona 1909-1945” currently in its final week.  Make sure to stop by this weekend in order to witness the connection between Past and Present day Barcelona in an exhibit specifically designed for Barcelona lovers.

TIP: The CCCB is FREE on Sundays From 3PM- 8pm

The show which is devoted to the work of Barcelona-born Josep Brangulí, a  photojournalist whose keen eye was able to capture  some of the best images reflecting the major social, urban and industrial transformations to affect Barcelona between 1909 and 1945. The show is the first retrospective of Brangulí’s work which consists some 300 photographs and original printed material of the time.

The exhibition, curated by the photographers Valentín Vallhonrat and Rafael Levenfeld,  reflects the diversity and the thematic approach of the photographer’s work, centering on topics such as The Tragic Week, Life Before The Republic, The Royal Family at the 1929 Universal Exhibition,  The Fira de Barcelona Trade Fair & The  Post-War years. The one thing that is striking is the way history repeats itself; one can’t help to notice the similarities between the disgruntled workers back at the turn of the century to the modern-day “Indignados” which have Occupied Plaza Catalunya this year.

Josep Brangulí was the first in a line of photographers, in which he was joined by his sons, Joaquim and Xavier, the three of them working together under a single name. The archive was purchased from the Brangulí family by the Generalitat in 1992 and deposited in the Arxiu Nacional de Catalunya. The Archive contains almost a million negatives signed by the name Brangulí, of which approximately half a million can be attributed to Josep. It also contains miscellaneous publications and materials of the time.

If you are in Barcelona make sure not to miss this exhibit which contains a look into Barcelona’s turbulent pass and creates a better understanding of the city and its character.


CCCB – Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona – Montalegre, 5 – 08001 Barcelona – Tel. 93 306 41 00 – Fax 93 306 41 01 –

Portfolio_ Christian Tartarini – Minimalist Art With Soul

17 Oct

 In a city where everyone is either an Artist, a DJ, a Social Media Director or all of the above. It is not enough to have talent, one must have  something special  in order to stand out from the crowd. Christian’s solution: TEXTURE-and lots of it…. it takes a closer look in order to appreciate his work and see an artist who is creating art in the 21 st century.

Christian Tartarini, is quickly become a favorite among  art critics, Interior designers and private collectors in Barcelona. His understated work done in a monochromatic color palate have raised eyebrows across the city. The subtle beauty of his technique and his strict attention to detail  have made his pieces a  must have in Barcelona’s ever evolving art scene.

The Belgium born artist originally set out to become an architect  however, along the way he found himself gravitating toward a more ethereal medium; allowing him to express himself through his textured pieces and signature brush strokes.

Not only is his work  hanging in the dining rooms of Barcelona’s most elegant homes, Christian, was also recently commissioned by  Barcelona legendary retail king LA COMERCIAL  to create a site specific piece in their latest showroom in the Borne.

Bringing together  an urban color tone to the canvas, his work transmits a sophisticated edge reflecting a city constantly in change.  His latest work can currently be seen in the cutting edge  design studio/showroom of AMATO SOLE in the Raval.

For more information on Christian Tartarini’s work please visit his website at


*Images By : David Naveira

Hotel Camper Barcelona Presents: HOTEL

17 Sep


In an age where every brand competes for the attention of the consumers dollars with lack luster facebook competitions and an invasion of self-serving promotions; it is refreshing to see a brand like CAMPER  get it right time and time again.

With a strict attention to design  and a clear  brand identity, they have managed to expand their shoe brand to also include Casa Camper Hotels in two of Europe’s most culturally hyperactive cities:  Barcelona and Berlin.

While their hotels have become a favorite among the “GLAMPACKERS” ( think back packers armed with iPads and 4G phones) Casa Camper is also popular among creative types; which is why Camper have unleashed it’s latest  effort into the blogosphere. A  complex project simply titled: HOTEL.

Produced by the  award-winning Barcelona based studio BOOLAB, Casa Camper hand-picked 6 young directors and gave them AN ALL ACCESS PASS to use the hotel as their own personal movie studio. The Rules were simple: 6 directors /24 hours/ ZERO budget.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


The result is an amazing look at the imagination and creativity that comes about when a brand backs a project with  universal appeal and showcases the work of  six amazing directors. Participating in this years project were Erika Lust, Sofa Experience, Roger Gual & Steve Green, Danny Ilario, Celia Galan  and Nico Casavecchia.

Shot entirely in one day, the SHORT FILM’S Project MICROSITE features a great behind the scenes look at the making of the project, exclusive interviews by each director and the full length film complied of  the 6 short films.

Exploring themes such as fantasy, love, loss and lust. The project keeps the viewer entertained and  takes you an a trip through the halls and deep in to the heart of  Casa Camper- Barcelona’s most creative hotel.


The Barcelona Poetry Festival May 11-17 2011

11 May

Get your culture on at various points of the city, as the Barcelona Poetry Festival kicks of its 27th year. From May 11th  until May 17th.

By promoting the art of language and presenting both new and established poets this festival is a must for anyone looking for a rhyme that does not include the words Barca in a battle call being chanted by 1.5 million futbol fans.

 For more information on the festival click HERE .

La Foto Del Dia

24 Apr

Art By: DEDE DIAME- Image Courtesy of ARTEVISTAS

Last Chance to see CLOWNATION

2 Mar

If you are an art collector, or simply looking for one of a kind work by original artists you have two more days to catch the amazing pieces currently hanging on the walls of  Artevistas, one of Barcelona’s best galleries to catch emerging artists. The exhibit ends on March 6.

The “CLOWNATION” exhibition of BONET & JORCO is one not to be missed! Consisting of a series of large canvases done with 4 hands by artist Alejandro Bonet (BONET) and Jordi Colonques (JORCO).

The artists distort reality by applying  a comical filter inspired by circus characters. Using images from the headlines and everyday life; no subject is spared when taking paintbrush to canvas. Their harsh look at modern society and reinterpretation using an aesthetic language of grotesque comedy makes their work intriguing.

From Madonna to the Pope-  BONET & JORCO clownify the images ripped from the tabloids and show us a different side of the images that are presented to us as “reality”.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The word “clownie” is the final result of the transformation process or, if we may be allowed the neologism, what results from a “clownisation”.

 By presenting the circus clown or jester as caricatures that greatly exaggerate the subject’s traits the result is a transparency  that clarifies  intentions and demonstrate their motives. The beauty lays in the  paradox that, while disguised as a clown, the  person ends up revealing their true personality…

By combining their talents on one canvas, but in two separate cities Bonet & Jorco feed off of each others creativity by adding to each picture their own signature touch. To find out more about these artists take a look at the behind the scenes video. or swing by artevistas for a firsthand look at Barcelona’s most original artists.

GALERIA ARTEVISTAS-Passatge del Crèdit nº4
08002 Barcelona, Spain
935 130 465


ENA MACANA Makes Barcelona Bling

8 Feb


Enter the wonderful world of Ena Macana, Barcelona’s most forward thinking jewelry designer.

mickey mouse cross: Ena Macana

Beloved by DJ’s, Sought after by Stylists  and worshipped by fashionistas Ena Macana is the woman style mavens flock to, when looking for that one of a kind piece. From the absurd to the dangerous, Ena is conquering the hearts of  Barcelona’s most aloof fashionistas one piece at a time.


Blessed with the Midas touch anything she touches turns into art. Her designs are a mixture of  high-end grunge laced with a playful yet insightful edge . With pieces ranging from plastic toy guns crosses, model airplanes veils and pixellated mickey mouse crucifixes anything is possible when stepping into her world. In a few years Ena has managed to do what not many  designers her age would have like to have accomplished and that is injecting a certain amount of joie d’ vie into her designs a difficult task in these uncertain times.

Happy birthday hat: ena macana + butterfly ring: ena macana


Jewelry Maker/Marketing Guru-

Understanding what it takes to make a name for herself -Ena stays one step ahead of the trends and is rewriting the rules on making her jewelry known. In a town where everyone is creative, her christmas promotion was an instant success. Instead of waiting for clients to just walk through her door she invited her clients to bring their favorite childhood pieces to her showroom and where she would customize their own unique pieces into personal wearable treasures.

At age 16 Ena, found her self applying to the fashion school, but halfway along the way her inner child hit the brakes and her career took a detour in direction of a degree in industrial design. Today she finds her business thriving due to her innate sense of coolness and her amazing ability to create pieces that are not only jewelry but modern works of art.


Calle Portal Nou 7 //Borne//Barcelona                 
TEL +34 931 813 531



Credits: Photo By : Mariana Rufrano, Make up: Daiana Homar, Model: Naida Camarasa. Pictures #2 & 3 by:Laura Benedicto

GORGEOUS Magazine Launch Party @ MUTT

4 Feb

Last night in the Borne, MUTT celebrated the launch of the new magazine GORGEOUS, edited by CARLES B. ARNAN and ALBERT MADAULA, this new magazine elegantly done in Black and white kicked off its premier issue with Heineken and Barcelona’s most colorful locals. To get your issue of Gorgeous, stop by MUTT and support this showcase for art + fashion.




080-Cristian Di Stefano

30 Jan

Nick Gentry Presents Post Modern Fab

22 Jan

My fascination with 80’s technology has never faded which is why, when I saw the ad for LA PAN ART GALLERY, a gallery here in Barcelona I had to find out more about this artist.

 As a kid I remember the amazing moment when my father explained what a floppy disc could do.  Before flash drives, before iPhones, before wi-fi. Mountains of floppy disks, VHS tapes, Polaroids and cassettes piled up as we were catapulted into the future. It seemed as if as quick as these objects came in to our lives just as quickly the became obsolete. This combination of media played a massive part in how a generation growing up in the 80s & 90s  learned about the world.

As media is rapidly absorbed into the World Wide Web, the physical media formats of the past have been deemed obsolete. Representing a huge shift away from real world objects, into countless intangible data files. Using floppy discs as canvas Nick Gentry, assimilates a world unlike any other where his subjects becomes suspended in time. A world of Post Modern Fab.

La Pan Art GalleryC/ Marina 68, Barcelona

MUTT Barcelona- Opens Its Doors

29 Dec

Opened just a few weeks ago, MUTT has already become Barcelona’s premier social network. A magnet for the city’s graphic designers, photographers and fashion junkies- this white temple of art and fashion is the perfect place to find rare books and meet new people.


Located in the Borne on C/Comerc, Mutt  has moved into the old iguapop space, and has already won over Barcelona’s most colorful locals, with an amazing opening party packed wall to wall with MUTTERS (The United Association Of People Who Love Mutt)

 It seems like the owners have found the perfect balance between art and design. Mutt  has  managed to open a store in  Barcelona which not only blends perfectly with the neighborhood but also serves as an art gallery  which supports  local artists while providing tables filled with books covering  the best in global design and limited edition runs. From international fashion magazines to independent Fanzines, Mutt has everything you will not find at FNAC which makes MUTT the number one places to go when looking for some inspiration.

To become a MUTTER stop by

Comerç, 15
08003. Barcelona
Tel: +34 931 924 438

Watchcelona: Watches For A Modern World

26 Dec


WATCHCELONA  is a design firm, here in Barcelona that has been designing, watches since 1991. Located in the Eixample and using the city as its muse, the inspiration  for these watches is the pure embodiment of design and a nod to the many artists that have left their mark in the Catalan Capital.

Presenting a wide range of time pieces, Watchcelona uses the latest cultural trends to the world of watchmaking. Crafting unique watches with bold face plates and the best in contemporary design.

Watchelona also collaborates with prestigious artists and designers to round off the firm’s own collections. The line, which is closely connected to art world and the bohemian spirit, executes this with a modern approach and a variety of time pieces which will satisfy any Barcelona design junkie. 

 Over the years they have released limited editions  with images of Lorca, Chillida, Miró, and Brossa to name a few

 Watcheclona ships worldwide and offers many different models from analogue to digital time pieces all on their website.

A Floating World at La Caixa Forum

29 Aug


This past week I took a trip up to one of my favorite museums in Barcelona-  Caixa Forum to check out their latest exhibit ” A floating World”. With a collection of over 200 images  by Jacques Henri Lartigue, the exhibit looks at Lartigue’s joyful eye as the exhibit chronicles the life of the bourgeoise at the turn of the century.

Jacques Henri Lartigue (1894-1986) has become a key visual reference for the 20th century. He was born into a wealthy family of industrialists in the commune of Courbevoie, near Paris. His father gave him his first camera when he was just eight years old. At that point, he started to keep a diary that would accompany him throughout his life, and to put together his photo albums, extraordinary documents that offer an insight into the way of life of an entire generation.


Angels & Insects by Dani Torrent

13 Apr


 Tuesday april 13th at 20.00h at  Galeria Tuset, delve further into the wonderful world of Dani Torrent, as the Catalan illustrator presents his latest series  Angels & Insects. 

 A body of work that dives deep into the psyche exposing the duality of  fables and fairy tales, these are the messages that have inspired Dani to create a world where it is always twilight. The meeting of day and night, where power lines, androgynous characters and nocturnal insects share the same space and become intertwined with themes  dealing with the individual’s relationship to the subconscious.

Painted in a  highly stylized hyper-dream like environment Dani leaps into the unknown and blurs the lines between what is attractive and repulsive.

If the butterflies are messengers of love & kitsch, the moths represent familiarity with the dark, and by extension, of the secrets of death.  These are the themes that Mr. Torrent explores while giving the viewer a glimpse into the world that with a flick of a paintbrush can load a canvas with a plague of symbolism.

His paintings, which are framed in gold gilded frames, which Dani handpicked from the old antique shops of the gothic quarter to the vintage shops of the Raval, are a perfect foil for his haunting subjects.

 Children so self-absorbed with their newly found companions, the subjects, seem almost surprised to find themselves being spied on as they retreat  into their secret world of dreams and imaginary friends.

 To find out more about Dani’s award winning works and see a broad collection of his work check out his BLOG

Àngels & Insectes,
pintura de Dani Torrent>Tuesday April 13th 2010                      Galeria Tuset – C/ Muntaner 187 bis de Barcelona

_VIEWFINDER: Albert Jodar

3 Apr

I came across the mesmerizing work of Albert Jodar (Badalona b. 1982), one friday afternoon when walking through the neighborhood of Sant Pere and walking into Swallow Gallery.

His portraits of modern spanish citizens against ordinary backdrops make his work exciting and as he takes traditional themes and captures them with a modern eye.

A country torn between past and present these festivals which date back to medieval times,are what anchor the heart minds and souls of the spanish people.His body of work gives an inside view of  the festival of San Fermin to the haunting eyes of the most devout catholics during  Semana Santa. While his docu-artistic series are comprised of beautiful angles and in your face composition. It is his portrait work which stands out, his ability to capture a the genuine everyday life of Spanish life at the beginning of the 21st century are the type of images which any photo collector would be proud to own.

As semana santa rituals play out across the country, I present his brilliant series titled : “En La Santa Semana”.

 To se more of his work click  ALBERT JODAR

Guia Secreta De La Rambla Barcelona

3 Apr

                     Where the rich blend with the poor, the artists with the tourists, La Rambla has taken a turn for the worse since the olympic games. Anyone who lives here only cross Las Ramblas never do we walk up and down the infamous street. However Las Ramblas has had many lives  and many masters from belonging to the bourgeoise of the 1900 to the lower part belonging to the prostitutes and sailors in the 30’s. The scene of political revolution in the 60’s,  riots of 2006 and finally the celebration of the Barca victory in 2009. The street is in constant flux. It is only normal that such a polemic city space receive a retrospective collection of the most interesting and colorful character to walk the gentle sloped boulevard.

 This exhibition traces a  route that portrays La Rambla as an urban space saturated by photographic, literary, film and media representations. In the show, photographs from various city archives, combined with contemporary images, are used to draw a detailed atlas of this boulevard. Far from proposing a historic narrative that might give rise to a nostalgic vision, the exhibition takes as its themes certain spaces, gestures and myths that break with clichés and icons that have encouraged an excessively simplistic image of La Rambla.


March 25- May24 2010 : FREE

Palau de la Virreina La Rambla, 99 . 08002 Barcelona . Tel 93 316 10 00

ATOPIA Art & City In The XXI Century

7 Mar


“Nothing of this will inspire pity in twenty-first century men”

 ATOPIA_From 25 February 2010 to 24 May 2010

The exhibition explores a kind of unease—the awkwardness that exists between the city and the individual.

With the modern-day citizen now connected 24/7 and massive exchange of information what happens when you ride the subway and all you hear is quiet. As commuters pop in their headphones, update their Facebook and twitter their every mood the urban jungle has become a vacuum, just the sound of thumbs texting and iPhones being tapped…

_OLEG DOU “Glasses 2” (Moscow  b.1983)

Atopia is the feeling of unease experienced by the individual faced with a city that does exist, but which in no case represents the paradise dreamt-of or promised, for the simple reason that the monster that is now the city has taken on a life of its own.

_Erwin Olaf “Grief” (Hilversum b. 1959)



Vodpod videos no longer available.
more about “Atopia Art & Culture in the 21st Century“, posted with vodpod


 Calle de Montalegre, 5
08001 Barcelona, Spain
934 123 356

_La Musa: Swallow Gallery

28 Jan


In the shadow of the Palau de Musica the  in the barrio of Sant Pere, you can definitely see a different side of Barcelona, one not shown in postcards or guidebooks. In this neighborhood, the streets seem to become more narrow,  and the pace slows down just a bit. In the afternoon sun, the red underwear, blue shirts, and yellow socks become a mosaic of colors decorating one of my favorite barrios of Barcelona. While most people tend to overlook this barrio- a short walk down C/Sant Pere Mes Alt will take you down a street filled with unassuming cafes, bookshops, pastry schools  and the latest art gallery & new kid on the block: SWALLOW GALLERY.

 Tucked away on a quiet street dating back to the 14th century, the location is perfect for a the small gallery that is dedicated to promoting the works of new artists. Their debut show- “In Memoriam” was the ambitiously curated work of  Juan Diego Tobalina  and Katherinne Fiedler.  A collection of images from 15 different artists giving their unique take on death and nostalgia.

Their newest art opening “Drawing Intimacy” opening tonight will run until  Feb 28 and will focus on intimacy in all shapes and forms. From self portraits, to sketches on relationships this collection is the highly anticipated follow-up show and bound to bring together a new generation of art lovers who are in touch with art in a social media age.

In 2003  Juan and Katherinne, arrived in Barcelona to work on their art, (both are plastic artists) their dream to create an art space that was  not  just another perfectly sterile art apace has come true. The space itself is part studio, part incubator. Showing off  thework of emerging artists- working in all forms of mediums as well as a meeting point for new artists.

To Support this great new gallery pass on the word by stopping by their gallery tonight or heading to their web page.

SWALLOW GALLERY- C/Argenter 19, Barcelona


_VIEWFINDER: Martin Hesbert

15 Dec

I met Barcelona based photographer Martin Hesbert at the LE LOOK Party a few weeks ago. Eager to grab a perfect shot he made his way through the crowded party like a solider in war. Weaving through the well-heeled crowds careful to document the vibe without interrupting.

His style is easy to identify- concise and clean, he presents his point of view without bragging or staging a scene. His ability to find moments of peace in what usually tend to be chaotic urban settings is what made me take note of his photography and talent.

With a sharp eye and attention to detail, Martin Hesbert manages to unlock the secrets of Barcelona through his camera lens. We caught up with Mr. Hesbert for a quick chat and talked a bit about  Barcelona, Paris and his work. Check out his interview after a few of his images.

So Martin, where are you originally from? 
I’m from Paris, France.  
How long have you been in Barcelona? 
I have been in Barcelona for exactly 1 year, 1 month. I am very happy here but I am still having trouble getting used to the humidity! This summer was intense…
Why Barcelona?

 Well being only an hour and 20 mins away from Paris is always a plus! But I am drawn to Barcelona because of the way it is. Barcelona, is NOT the city  you see in films. It is a city that holds its secrets well, It is a city is a thousand times more interesting than these images we see in movies like “L’auberge espagnole” or “Vicky Cristina” … 
What is your  favourite Barrio in  Barcelona? 
I love all the neighbourhoods, but I tend to gravitate especially to  areas that are dedicated to pedestrians. I have a bit of an aversion to cars. To me they seem to disfigure the urban landscape and in my opinion belong to a time that should be part of an era gone by. 
When did you realize that you were going to be stalking people with a camera? 
<Laughs>I began to dabble in photography when I was about 17 … 
I started playing around  in a photo laboratory in Paris which is where I learned how to develop Black and White photographs. I used to spend hours in the lab usually until 2 or 3 in the morning.  
What inspires you to take a particular image? 
Like every photographer, my idea is to take pictures in order to show something that nobody saw.  I like the idea of being in a public place and showing something that most people miss.  
The idea is NOT to say:  “I saw that and you didn’t!”  but rather to say “I saw this and I want to share it with you.”  
I am more interested in having an image that speaks to the viewer. Pictures  which are easy to understand. I do not want my pictures to be so intellectual that the person seeing the image doesn’t “GET IT”. I want people to be moved by the images and get excited when they view my work. 
Who Are The Photographers that have made the most impact throughout your life and career? 
I obviously  have a multiple inspirations. Another talented Martin is: Martin Parr. I also have a great appreciation for Depardon, Salgado, Koudelka, Avedon and many other photographers who are less known. 
Now that you mention it, I can see the inspiration of Parr in your work. Detached but humorous. Your right it could be the name… 
<Laughs>See I told you so! 
** Martin Hesbert the Parisian in Barcelona, is currently working on a few top secrets projects. When he is not busy behind his camera documenting the day-to-day life in Barcelona. He is traveling around Europe as an international man of mystery. 

To see More of Martin Hesbert’s work click {HERE


3D iCandy: “AS ONE” by makoto yabuki

26 Nov

A few weeks ago ArtFutura curated a show about technological advancements in the art world. Artists using new media to express themselves and give insight into the future direction of art.

“As One” is a beautiful animation included in the 3D Futura Show of this year edition. The artist, Makoto Yabuki, was already featured at ArtFutura two years ago with another wonderful work: Manakai. [via Facebook]

Vodpod videos no longer available.
more about “untitled“, posted with vodpod

Okrabelo Art

26 Nov


The Art Of {THS}_Sex, Canvas and Rock & Roll:

24 Nov


Nov 24, 2009 – Dec 18, 2009 

  “To Study Design Is To Be Brainwashed”    -{THS}

The pursuit of truth, absurdity of morality and irony of inhibition is the content of   {THS} ‘s new show titled:  ‘FOR ALL IS VANITY’  which follows his ‘Trash urban warfare porn dirrty pop’ style. His new canvases are the continuation of his ‘Gluebooks’, a selection of sketchbooks containing collage and filled with handwriting, rawness, dirt & pornographic images. His new work feels like a gigantic resized version of his Gluebooks from paper to canvas. An enlargement both in size and insanity.

Thomas Schostok aka {ths} was born in 1972 and started his career as a salesman for bathroom tiles. In 1999 he founded and represented himself as ‘{ths}’, working in his own studio as a designer/artist for international and national clients. He never studies design because he always thought, to study design is to be brainwashed. {ths} released three monographs/books: ‘Hard Blow’ (Rojo Editions, 2008), a book about the pornographic artwork in his so called ‘Gluebooks’ (Sketchbooks); ‘Mr. Trash’ (self published), volume one of his art and design works during the last 10 years of his career.

{ths} had exhibitions in the USA, UK, Spain, Italy, Australia, Germany and Taiwan. His love for typography can always admired in his art and design work. In 2002 he founded ‘The Cape Arcona Type Foundry’, a type foundry that produces and distributes digital typefaces. {ths} is without anger or hate, because it’s fondness for Elvis Presley and Barry White records, that continuous playing during working, make him nice and merry. – Hail to the King, Baby.

[Special Thanks to Aprile @ Notpaper]

®artspace Barcelona
ROJO®. Carrer Girona 61, Eixample. 08009 Barcelona. Spain.
talk: +34 934 673 598

Jordi Estivill: The Keeper Of Discarded Objects

22 Nov

Friday night, I was sitting at a local bar on la Rambla del Raval, when I came across a series of collages on the wall. Hung side by side, I scanned the series and instantly fell in love with every piece hanging on the dimly lit walls. Arranged using  colored construction paper, cardboard and newspaper each of his abstract figures became increasingly interesting. That is when I became a fan of Jordi Estivill.

 Jordi, originally born in Barcelona- is a mix media artist who uses sculptures, wood, clay, recycled materials, and random objects as his medium. His eye for detail make his pieces so captivating and original that any one of his pieces will leave you wanting more. Impressive by themselves- his true genius is evident when taking in his work as a whole.  The themes in his compositions hints towards carnival performers, circus clowns, actors, exotic women from the far east and surreal characters that look at you with watchful eyes and complicated hearts. While his work has  an air of familiarity, it still manages to exude his personal style and highlight his unique ability to combine color and textures.

The pieces below are part of a series named:  Compositions. Made up entirely of  materials found in the flea markets of Barcelona and Beijing- Jordi uses materials such as paper, cardboard, old magazine clippings to stimulate the plastic representation of different portraits of characters.




In his series  “JOINTS” – Mr. Estivill has gone a step further creating art with pieces of wood found on remote beaches on the islands of  Menorca and Formentera. With its worn out textures and muted tones the magic is present  by the remains of  fragments of the objects original colors- eroded by the sun, sea and sand. A combination that becomes visible when the pieces are  inserted, combined and engaged under the direction of the artist- revealing unexpected qualities in ordinary objects. 

Composición con guitarra
Ensamblaje maderas

“Figures al jardí”


For more on JORDI ESTIVILL click on the picture below.

Porrait of an ARTIST’S STUDIO