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Last Chance to see CLOWNATION

2 Mar

If you are an art collector, or simply looking for one of a kind work by original artists you have two more days to catch the amazing pieces currently hanging on the walls of  Artevistas, one of Barcelona’s best galleries to catch emerging artists. The exhibit ends on March 6.

The “CLOWNATION” exhibition of BONET & JORCO is one not to be missed! Consisting of a series of large canvases done with 4 hands by artist Alejandro Bonet (BONET) and Jordi Colonques (JORCO).

The artists distort reality by applying  a comical filter inspired by circus characters. Using images from the headlines and everyday life; no subject is spared when taking paintbrush to canvas. Their harsh look at modern society and reinterpretation using an aesthetic language of grotesque comedy makes their work intriguing.

From Madonna to the Pope-  BONET & JORCO clownify the images ripped from the tabloids and show us a different side of the images that are presented to us as “reality”.


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The word “clownie” is the final result of the transformation process or, if we may be allowed the neologism, what results from a “clownisation”.

 By presenting the circus clown or jester as caricatures that greatly exaggerate the subject’s traits the result is a transparency  that clarifies  intentions and demonstrate their motives. The beauty lays in the  paradox that, while disguised as a clown, the  person ends up revealing their true personality…

By combining their talents on one canvas, but in two separate cities Bonet & Jorco feed off of each others creativity by adding to each picture their own signature touch. To find out more about these artists take a look at the behind the scenes video. or swing by artevistas for a firsthand look at Barcelona’s most original artists.

GALERIA ARTEVISTAS-Passatge del Crèdit nº4
08002 Barcelona, Spain
935 130 465