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Recuenco Delves Deep Into The World of Fashion

27 Apr

His work has been featured in international magazines such as Vanity Fair, Vogue, and GQ . His commercials for Nina Ricci are infamous for their ethereal beauty.

His images have won countless awards and have managed to impress even the most jaded critics in the fashion word with his creativity and flair for the theatrics.

In his latest creative project Eugenio Recuenco, has turned his fashion editorial into voyage 20,000 leagues under the sea for a glimpse of the trapped souls on the ill-fated mission of the SS Kursk.

In August in 2000, in the cold waters of the Barents Sea, the submarine KURSK exploded without warning trapping the crew of 118. While some argue the crew died instantly some experts say the crew was able to survive for several days. LAS ALMAS DEL KURSK takes a Recuencian look into the untimely demise of the Russian sailors.

It is these final moments of the Russian crew, which inspired Recuenco to complete a fashion editorial with the help of Spain’s FASHION DREAM TEAM. To bring his vision to life Mr. Recuenco enlisted the help of Eric Dover, art director for most of Recuenco´s shoots along with stylist Macarena Nuñez and make-up artist Lewis Amarante. The results were an editorial bold in concept and high on art.

It is these images that Make Recuenco´s work so fascinating, his ability to turn a tragedy into a beautifully executed conceptual piece is what made Lavazza Calendar come knocking at his door back in 2007. His relentless vision and dedication to his art speaks volumes about his craft.

The issue, which hits newsstands this week, is a great example of the power of Recuenco´s work and the unique point of view of Spanish Fashion in the 21st century.

For a further look into the World of Eugenio Recuenco you can also visit his website at

To see the complete series of LAS AMAS DE KURSK grab the latest issue of 5 magazine  available at newsstands now.

La Foto Del Dia

26 Apr

Street Wallpaer Raval 6.30pm                                 _ photo by David Naveira

5 Magazine Trailer: Metamorfosis

26 Apr

Spanish Fashion Magazine 5 releases a sneak peek of their latest issue: METAMORFOSIS. For more information check out

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La Foto Del Dia

21 Apr

photo by_ daviD naveirA

location>side street off Palau De Musica

Angels & Insects by Dani Torrent

13 Apr


 Tuesday april 13th at 20.00h at  Galeria Tuset, delve further into the wonderful world of Dani Torrent, as the Catalan illustrator presents his latest series  Angels & Insects. 

 A body of work that dives deep into the psyche exposing the duality of  fables and fairy tales, these are the messages that have inspired Dani to create a world where it is always twilight. The meeting of day and night, where power lines, androgynous characters and nocturnal insects share the same space and become intertwined with themes  dealing with the individual’s relationship to the subconscious.

Painted in a  highly stylized hyper-dream like environment Dani leaps into the unknown and blurs the lines between what is attractive and repulsive.

If the butterflies are messengers of love & kitsch, the moths represent familiarity with the dark, and by extension, of the secrets of death.  These are the themes that Mr. Torrent explores while giving the viewer a glimpse into the world that with a flick of a paintbrush can load a canvas with a plague of symbolism.

His paintings, which are framed in gold gilded frames, which Dani handpicked from the old antique shops of the gothic quarter to the vintage shops of the Raval, are a perfect foil for his haunting subjects.

 Children so self-absorbed with their newly found companions, the subjects, seem almost surprised to find themselves being spied on as they retreat  into their secret world of dreams and imaginary friends.

 To find out more about Dani’s award winning works and see a broad collection of his work check out his BLOG

Àngels & Insectes,
pintura de Dani Torrent>Tuesday April 13th 2010                      Galeria Tuset – C/ Muntaner 187 bis de Barcelona

_VIEWFINDER: Albert Jodar

3 Apr

I came across the mesmerizing work of Albert Jodar (Badalona b. 1982), one friday afternoon when walking through the neighborhood of Sant Pere and walking into Swallow Gallery.

His portraits of modern spanish citizens against ordinary backdrops make his work exciting and as he takes traditional themes and captures them with a modern eye.

A country torn between past and present these festivals which date back to medieval times,are what anchor the heart minds and souls of the spanish people.His body of work gives an inside view of  the festival of San Fermin to the haunting eyes of the most devout catholics during  Semana Santa. While his docu-artistic series are comprised of beautiful angles and in your face composition. It is his portrait work which stands out, his ability to capture a the genuine everyday life of Spanish life at the beginning of the 21st century are the type of images which any photo collector would be proud to own.

As semana santa rituals play out across the country, I present his brilliant series titled : “En La Santa Semana”.

 To se more of his work click  ALBERT JODAR

Guia Secreta De La Rambla Barcelona

3 Apr

                     Where the rich blend with the poor, the artists with the tourists, La Rambla has taken a turn for the worse since the olympic games. Anyone who lives here only cross Las Ramblas never do we walk up and down the infamous street. However Las Ramblas has had many lives  and many masters from belonging to the bourgeoise of the 1900 to the lower part belonging to the prostitutes and sailors in the 30’s. The scene of political revolution in the 60’s,  riots of 2006 and finally the celebration of the Barca victory in 2009. The street is in constant flux. It is only normal that such a polemic city space receive a retrospective collection of the most interesting and colorful character to walk the gentle sloped boulevard.

 This exhibition traces a  route that portrays La Rambla as an urban space saturated by photographic, literary, film and media representations. In the show, photographs from various city archives, combined with contemporary images, are used to draw a detailed atlas of this boulevard. Far from proposing a historic narrative that might give rise to a nostalgic vision, the exhibition takes as its themes certain spaces, gestures and myths that break with clichés and icons that have encouraged an excessively simplistic image of La Rambla.


March 25- May24 2010 : FREE

Palau de la Virreina La Rambla, 99 . 08002 Barcelona . Tel 93 316 10 00