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2 Sep


Until September 22nd, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA) will expand its regular hours and open Friday and Saturday until 10 pm. During this period the MACBA will offer a special summer offer which includes a PASSI card with the purchase of entry when visiting the museum. The PASSI allows free entry to the museum for a whole year.

During these extended hours the ticket includes a series of guided tours to exhibitions, as well as access to the terrace on the first floor. This space sponsored by Moritz Barcelona will invite all visitors to drink a beer in this terrace.

Currently the MACBA is presenting the following exhibitions:


MACBA- Plaça dels Àngels, 1  08001 Barcelona 902.88.49.90

FASTVINIC- Organic Fast Food In The Eixample

17 Sep


Right around the corner from Rambla Catalunya, Barcelona’s tree-lined cafe promenade; sits a new concept which is revolutionizing the way people look at  fast food.

FASTVÍNIC, is a new space that puts the soul back in to light fare meals with an ecoconcious heart. Designed as a  LIGHT a place where locals can go to grab a quick bite with friends or hang out. The  menu  places a strong emphasis on homegrown Catalan  products as well as  brining attention to the importance of purchasing home-grown ingredients; In fact their menu has gone as far as featuring Black and White portraits of their local suppliers

Chef Sergi de Meià and his team  have decided to elevate the everyday sandwich to become an icon representing the gastronomic essence of Catalonia. From breakfast to dinner Fastvinic, features everything needed for a first-class breakfast a healthy lunch or a healthy alternative to greasy tapas.

From the people who brought you MONVINIC,  it is  their attention to detail that makes this place a pleasant surprise in a neighborhood where every street has hundreds of  dining options.

Every day FASTVINIC presents more than twenty Catalan wines available through a  state of the art wine vending machine, so that every one of the denominacions d’origen are generously represented. The wines are chosen by the same team of sommeliers as Monvínic in order to provide a perfect pairing with the gourmet sandwiches and side dishes FASTVINIC has rapidly become famous for.

Not only satisfied with changing the way the city grabs a quick bite, the team of  Fastvínic not only places a special interest in cultivating their organic menu, but takes their commitment to healthier way of living to the next level by chosing  with an eco-friendly design approach to their space which has secured FASTVINIC a LEED certification, becoming the first restaurant to be given this recognition in Catalonia.

FASTVINIC-Diputació, 251
08007 Barcelona
934 873 241

_EAT: Bestiari

9 Mar

Walk into Bestiari on any given night  and you will unexpectedly find a restaurant where diners eat under intimate pools of light focused precisely on each table. More Sarria than Born, this is a restaurant that is free from the usual three  ring circus that characterizes most restaurants in the surrounding streets.  

Photo by: David Naveira

Steps away from the Mercat del Born, Bestiari sits elegantly on the corner of  the neighbourhood’s most important culinary avenue C/Comerc.

With a menu as international as the clientele, Bestiari stands out due to its simple yet chic interior and superb level of service, a rarity in Barcelona bustling restaurant scene.

With a varied menu featuring: foie , octopus carpaccio, rissotos and creative dishes that present a modern take on both meat & fish; Bestiari has quietly become an excellent choice when the need to impress arrises.

The dessert menu,  includes a mouth-watering selection of  citrus based sweets including, an  amaretto infused Tiramisu which is bound to inspire a battle of spoons for the last scoop.

For more on the menu check out  BESTIARI’S website or head directly to the corner of Fusina & Calle Comerc.

BESTIARI- C/ Comerç, 3
08003 Barcelona
932 683 080

Saturday Night at Cabaret Berlin with David Delfin and Bimba Bose

1 Mar

Every Saturday night  hundreds of locals line up around the block from C/Bailen 22, Barcelona’s most notorious address, a space that has a long-standing association with pleasure and vice. It is only natural that a building with such a sordid history would be the best place to host Silvia Prada’s glam fest known as ” Who’s The Boss”. A magnet for creatives, musician,models and  artists. The night manages to bring together a healthy dose of fashionistas, clubkids and the people who follow their every move all under one roof.


PR gurus  Xavier de Balaguer & Alejandro Mateo manage to work the door with a warm smile and open arms for the long list of  VIP’s which hold court on the various sofas around the club. I scored an invite with strict instructions from Alejandro to be there before 2am to avoid waiting in line. At 1.30 am the line was already forming the secret to Cabaret Berlin success is the ability captures the very essence of  Barcelona- a place where highbrow mixes with lowbrow  under the lights of the dance floor.

 Upon entering the space, you are transplanted to a world with no boundaries  part Cabaret / part Studio 54, the disco ball turns and the club becomes a meeting point for Barcelona’s most outrageous personalities  all with one thing in common – the need to stand out.


Bimba Bose & David Delfin

Bimba's Red Bull Shoes

This weekly party has become one of the most sought after tickets due to the fantastic DJ’s which have taken the stage and have spun for the masses. Which is why it peaked my curiosity when I saw an ad announcing  David Delfin (Fashion Designer) & Bimba Bose (The Cabriolets) spinning together this past Saturday. Their set a heavy rotation of early 90’s house with classics by Massive attack and Bjork set the tone for a NYC style night of B-sides and an eclectic mix of grooves that kept Bimba’s winged shoes bouncing all night long.

Bimba & David

Pelayo Diaz


Artistic director GINA BURDEL, makes the rounds sipping  her cocktail and making sure the vibe is right while the cast of characters pour through the door. Air kisses are handed out like candy and everyone is on the list. For a glimpse into the people who make the party check out the slide show below.

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At 3am I bump into Alejandro -dressed impeccably, he dabs his forehead with a napkin smiles and says “I think we underestimated the turnout, the line is around the block”. In a flash he’s gone again and out to the front  door of the club in order to make sure everything is going smooth. As the night continues this party turns up the volume and tears down the walls blending genres and creating an original vibe that is sure to make you smile and take it to the dance floor.

CABARET BERLIN- C/Bailén 22; 08010 Barcelona

MORE INFO-Facebook

Brunch @ FEDERAL cafe

22 Jan

 Located a stone’s throw from avenida  Paral-lel, FEDERAL CAFE has become the city’s living room. With a  comfortable 3 floor plan which allows the windows to open up to the street. This australian cafe has become a hit due to its flexible floor plans and friendly staff.

However, the key to its success- has to be it’s ALL DAY BRUNCH on Sundays which runs until 5.30 pm. In a city where coffee is the order of the day it’s nice to find a restaurant that serves a proper breakfast and allows you to stroll in without the worry of making it to the restaurant before the kitchen closes.

With a comfortable interior which turns into an outdoor cafe the design of the building is fantastic. I can’t wait for the summer to take full advantage of the terrace on sunday mornings. To find out more about FEDERAL check out their homepage which boasts a great soundtrack while getting familiar with the place.

For a look behind the scenes of the construction of the cafe, check out the FACEBOOK PAGE for before & after pics of the building and the creative process of making this project come to life.

FEDERAL CAFE-  C/ Parliament de Catalunya, 39
08015 Barcelona
931 873 607
Metro: Poble Sec


21 Jan

 Looking for a Bar in Barcelona can be hard, with so many options to choose from its like being a diabetic kid in a candy store. Yet, one place that has been around for a while, that is a must when doing a Raval Bar crawl is FRUTTI POP.

 If you’re looking for a low-key bar away from the tourists and a place to meet the locals, FRUTTI POP is just what the doctor ordered. With decoplage walls, red velvet curtains and a musically Schizophrenic DJ. This is a great place to go when you have a group of friends whose taste in music vary as much as their taste in liquor.


From Soul, Hip-Hop, Indie Rock & Reggae – Frutti pop keeps it mixed up,and is a perfect place to start off your night. If eclectic is what you look for in a bar; you will feel at home in this local hole in the wall in the upper Raval.

Since the place is small, the vibe seems to change every time I go depending on which type of people have taken over the place.  However, with 2 euro beers you really can’t complain. Tip: If you can squeeze through the crowds check out the collection of Vintage pictures in the bathroom.

Located behind the Teatro Goya, half the fun is finding the place… Find the theatre head down Joaquin Costas, First street on your left, half a block down on your left hand side.

** Personal note:Not recommended  to go searching for this bar if you drunk.

Frutti Pop: Passatge de Sant Bernat 3, Metro: Universitat