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La Foto Del Dia

27 Feb

El Duque de Via Laietana


Image By: David Naveira

Language School Recaps Barcelona In 2 min

23 Feb

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Making the rounds on Tumblr, this video short film directed by Gustav Johansson and produced by Camp David shows off the aspects of what most people who arrive in Barcelona for the first time experience. 

…sure it leaves out the beer vendors in Plaza Catalunya, the drunken stumble home from the Raval at 6am and the naked man who parades down the Barceloneta with only a tattooed speedo.  But all in all, it does a great job of capturing the energy of a city constantly in motion.

This beautifully edited  three-part series (Beijing, London, Barcelona) titled “Live The Language”  was commissioned by the Language school -EF and  is a great example of advertising done properly.


Commercial for EF Language Schools.

Directed by Gustav Johansson
D.P: Niklas Johansson
Typography: Albin Holmqvist
Music: Magnus Lidehäll
Produced at Camp David

La Foto Del Dia- Tibidao

13 Feb

Photo by David Naveira


At the top of Tibidabo religion and entertainment meet at 512 meters above sea level- fun for the whole family…

Get A Sneak Peek At The New Ohla Hotel In Barcelona

11 Feb

Luxury has come to Via Laietana and in true Barcelona fashion, the neighbors are already talking. Walking home today I discovered that after  almost two years of construction number 49 has been reborn as a 5 star property at the top of Barcelona’s artery.

Peeling away the paper and putting on its finishing touches, the hotel staff is in place and the locals are stopping in their tracks and gawking at the newest kid on the block.

The staff seems to be genuinely excited and the buzz is spreading. When going inside for a closer look, I was told the soft opening will be held tomorrow. Owned by a private group, this will mark the second hotel, the other being further up the coast. In a city where press releases are issued to anounce the opening of an envelope, one has to wonder how details about this hotel have been kept so quiet. One thing is for sure if they manage to pull it together this could be the next “it” hotel. The location is fantastic and will sure to be a hit among the glitterati since the Palau de Musica is only steps away and pre theatre drinks are limited to crowded local bars.

The hotel  seems a bit out-of-place for two main reasons.  Surrounded by grey buildings the well-lit interior shines bright on an avenue that is usually shuttered up after 9pm. The second is the strange eyeballs/Security camera which have sprung from its facade- a strange choice to say the least but I will get to the bottom of this.

The details are limited but here is what we know… The restaurant located on the left hand side of the lobby has been named Sauc,  dressed in muted tones the ordinary furniture sits in a room with high ceilings. Hopefully the menu will be enough to knock you off your seat since the decor leaves little to the imagination.

To the right of the lobby,behind the front desk is the Boutique bar. Done up with wood crates, gold leaf ceilings and high back red lounge chairs, this could be the perfect middle man between the eclipse bar at the W, and the Banker’s Bar at the Mandarin. Things we like: The attention to details, in the picture we can see the staff is tweaking the drink menu and every cocktail has been produced. Things we don’t like: the oddly placed mirror ball at the corner lowers the posh factor by 3 points.

With a great location, this hotel is positioned to become of the break out star for 2011. A few streets away from the main shopping area of Portal De Angel, steps from the cathedral and across the street from the Metro station; Ohla Hotel will have everything the urban tourist will seek when finding a great place to stay when spending a weekend in Barcelona.

Ohla Hotel- Via Laietana, 49 Barcelona, Spain 08003

ENA MACANA Makes Barcelona Bling

8 Feb


Enter the wonderful world of Ena Macana, Barcelona’s most forward thinking jewelry designer.

mickey mouse cross: Ena Macana

Beloved by DJ’s, Sought after by Stylists  and worshipped by fashionistas Ena Macana is the woman style mavens flock to, when looking for that one of a kind piece. From the absurd to the dangerous, Ena is conquering the hearts of  Barcelona’s most aloof fashionistas one piece at a time.


Blessed with the Midas touch anything she touches turns into art. Her designs are a mixture of  high-end grunge laced with a playful yet insightful edge . With pieces ranging from plastic toy guns crosses, model airplanes veils and pixellated mickey mouse crucifixes anything is possible when stepping into her world. In a few years Ena has managed to do what not many  designers her age would have like to have accomplished and that is injecting a certain amount of joie d’ vie into her designs a difficult task in these uncertain times.

Happy birthday hat: ena macana + butterfly ring: ena macana


Jewelry Maker/Marketing Guru-

Understanding what it takes to make a name for herself -Ena stays one step ahead of the trends and is rewriting the rules on making her jewelry known. In a town where everyone is creative, her christmas promotion was an instant success. Instead of waiting for clients to just walk through her door she invited her clients to bring their favorite childhood pieces to her showroom and where she would customize their own unique pieces into personal wearable treasures.

At age 16 Ena, found her self applying to the fashion school, but halfway along the way her inner child hit the brakes and her career took a detour in direction of a degree in industrial design. Today she finds her business thriving due to her innate sense of coolness and her amazing ability to create pieces that are not only jewelry but modern works of art.


Calle Portal Nou 7 //Borne//Barcelona                 
TEL +34 931 813 531



Credits: Photo By : Mariana Rufrano, Make up: Daiana Homar, Model: Naida Camarasa. Pictures #2 & 3 by:Laura Benedicto

See The Sexy New Ikea Ad by SCPF

7 Feb

It starts with a glass breaking and evolves very rapidly into a glimpse inside the bedrooms of  spanish couples in various states of bliss. It ends with a simple phrase, “The richest man is not he, who has more but, he who needs less”.

Fresh, sexy and to the point the new commercial currently on heavy rotation on Spanish TV is burning up the airwaves with the sultry flamenco song and a simple  tagline.  What makes this commercial so  different  between Spain and  tv in the USA aside from the obvious, is Spain’s openness to human sexuality. These commercials have ben airing at all times of the day and have not trigger a massive amount of emails or advertising boycotts, which usually happens in the U.S. whenever something remotely sexy comes along. Something refreshing for the 21st century.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


The creatives behind the 30 sec Spanish Ikea spot is no other than SCPF, a creative agency here in Spain which had the task of bringing out the best in having an Ikea Bedroom.

On a side note if your Alex Bogusky, the agency has even added your own direct link in order to reach you, an  impressive little tid bit taken off their ironic website.

La Foto Del Dia

7 Feb


SUNSET IN TARRAGONA- Photo by David Naveira

GORGEOUS Magazine Launch Party @ MUTT

4 Feb

Last night in the Borne, MUTT celebrated the launch of the new magazine GORGEOUS, edited by CARLES B. ARNAN and ALBERT MADAULA, this new magazine elegantly done in Black and white kicked off its premier issue with Heineken and Barcelona’s most colorful locals. To get your issue of Gorgeous, stop by MUTT and support this showcase for art + fashion.




La Foto Del Dia

3 Feb

Phenomena: The Double Feature!

3 Feb

 February 10th 2011-

A few weeks ago we presented the last edition of Phenomena a monthly double feature at the vintage cinema on Urgell. This month PHENOMENA screens  The Terminator and Scarface for a night of blood and guns.

 For more information

BCNegra 2011

3 Feb

Crime in Catalunya , Murder in the Mediterranean, Blackmail in Barcelona, the dark quiet streets of El Raval play host to the 7th annual NOIR Book Festival celebrating the best mystery writers from around the globe.

With various games, readings and films BCNegra is sure to please any fan of the genre looking to meet the authors and make new friends.

 This year the festival evolves with a culinary take on the Noir festival, expanding to local bars and restaurants each creating special drinks or menus and hosting various afterparties.

For more information on readings, events and films check out the BCNegra Schedule HERE or you can go directly to the festivals website at

BCN NEGRA 2011-Runs until Feburary 5 2011.

 Location: Various points of the city.

El Bitxo- A Pre-Concert Bite Never Tasted This Good

2 Feb

 On a quiet street  parallel to Via Laietana, EL BITXO (beet-cho) is a bite sized restaurant, located steps away from the Palau De Musica unassumingly tucked away on C/Verdaguer i Callis. 

With a  simple banner on the outside, one would never imagine the culinary treasures that are presented when walking by at first glance.  However, once  through the door all prejudices are thrown out the window .

This small restaurant hides a huge surprise when it comes to grabbing a bite before heading to the theatre. Moderately priced and carefully executed, every last detail is pulled together effortlessly.

From the handwritten menu on the side wall to the drink menu scribbled on the mirror and the friendly staff- El Bitxo is sure to blow you away, thanks to their gourmet menu and reasonable prices.

 On a recent friday night, I witnessed the locals stopping by just to say “hi” to the staff, give a quick kiss and continue on their way. The intimacy of this cafe makes it unique choice when looking to try something new in Barcelona.

EL BITXO- C/Verdaguer i Callis 9 < Metro>: Urquinaona 

Telephone 93 268 17 08

Open Jan-Feb 1pm-1am Tue-Thur; 1pm-2am Fri, Sat. Mar-Dec 1pm-1am Mon-Thur, Sun; 1pm-2am Fri, Sat