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La Foto Del Dia

24 Nov

Dafur: “Images Against Impunity” At The Palau Robert

22 Nov


 Until the end of November, on the corner of Diagonal and Passeige De Gracia,  you can witness over eighty high-quality images explaining the dramatic situation being experienced in the African region of Darfur, located in west Sudan, at the Caja Mediterráneo exhibition “Darfur, Images Against Impunity”.

This initiative brings together direct testimonials from the ongoing crisis  in Darfur.  The images of Lynsey Addario, Stanley Greene and Álvaro Ybarra Zavala, internationally renowned photojournalists, have been placed in one exhibit which documents their travels to the far corners of  the region from August 2008 to April 2009 to get inside the bloodsoaked  reality of the refugee camps, hospitals, villages exposed to attacks, camps of the different warring factions and the men, women and children living and dying in this unessary war. The exhibition provides a global first hand account of one of the worst humanitarian crises in recent history. Noteworthy are the images of the interior of Darfur, a region to which reporters do not usually have access because of the high level of danger.

PALAU ROBERT- Passeige De Gracia, 107 08008 Barcelona, Spain – 932 388 091

 For more information on Darfur to stay informed and help please check out the Movie Darfur Now or go online

La Foto Del Dia

15 Nov

4pm- Somewhere in the NE Corner of Catalunya


13 Nov

Any tourist in Barcelona with a camera and some time to spare knows that the Boqueria is the place to take fantastic pictures. The Boqueria has a special place in the hearts of the locals due to its central location and catalan charm. It is not uncommon to see the world’s best chef Ferran Adria handpicking his ingredients at the Boqueria since right around the corner from the market is his now legendary workshop/office.

 After work on Friday my friend Florie asked me to accompany her to the Market to pick up a few things for her family. Since I always carry my camera on me here are some pictures of the Marketplace around closing time.


BCNtip* Check out the market around closing time means fewer people and better prices especially toward the back of the market.

La Foto Del Dia

1 Nov

Apollo Arrives In Barcelona