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W Barcelona Video Tour

8 Mar

Get a sneak peek into the W Hotel Barcelona, fantastic pool area! This is sure to be the place to be come summer.

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La Foto Del Dia

23 Feb
Hotel Barcelo Raval

Protected: Spotlight Magazine Issue #345 gives “good face”

17 Feb

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MISCELANEA turns 1,826 days old with a huge party @ Apollo

23 Jan

Tonight the art galleries and bars of Raval will be empty, as the entire artistic community will take it to the dance floor in order  to wish  Miscelanea a very happy 5th Birthday at SALA APOLLO

After years of presenting the most innovative work in the city, and serving as an incubator of cool; Miscelanea has become a point of reference for anyone searching for an avantgarde serving of art and music in Barcelona.

Miscelanea has been at the helm of the city’s creative output for the last 5 years in the lower Raval. Their concert series which tend to focus on underground musicians are always sold out with lines of people stretching out the door just to get on a standby list (trust me, I know, I have kicked myself twice due to poor planning) This party is sure to be no different.  Aside from a big space and an impressive DJ list, live performance and guestlist consisting of the biggest names in art,  tonight’s party will also be the launch party for their NEW website.

M5 will be MISCELANEA’s biggest party to date and with no neighbors to complain about the noise level the music will be turned up in celebration of 5 years of bringing the counter-culture to the masses.   Miscelanea will be raising their glass beer bottle and toast  the numerous artist, musicians, and collaborators that have made this multimedia space an oaisis of  cool since 2005.

Saturday 23 of Jan. | 19.30 hr |SALA APOLLO
C/ Nou De La Rambla 111
08004 Barcelona, Spain
93 441 40 01

 15.00 at the door | Limited Capacity

Barcelona Band -The Pinker Tones

15 Jan

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Happy Friday, this song is from local Barcelona band- The Pinker Tones.

Tengo ganas de verano!!

_VIEWFINDER: Martin Hesbert

15 Dec

I met Barcelona based photographer Martin Hesbert at the LE LOOK Party a few weeks ago. Eager to grab a perfect shot he made his way through the crowded party like a solider in war. Weaving through the well-heeled crowds careful to document the vibe without interrupting.

His style is easy to identify- concise and clean, he presents his point of view without bragging or staging a scene. His ability to find moments of peace in what usually tend to be chaotic urban settings is what made me take note of his photography and talent.

With a sharp eye and attention to detail, Martin Hesbert manages to unlock the secrets of Barcelona through his camera lens. We caught up with Mr. Hesbert for a quick chat and talked a bit about  Barcelona, Paris and his work. Check out his interview after a few of his images.

So Martin, where are you originally from? 
I’m from Paris, France.  
How long have you been in Barcelona? 
I have been in Barcelona for exactly 1 year, 1 month. I am very happy here but I am still having trouble getting used to the humidity! This summer was intense…
Why Barcelona?

 Well being only an hour and 20 mins away from Paris is always a plus! But I am drawn to Barcelona because of the way it is. Barcelona, is NOT the city  you see in films. It is a city that holds its secrets well, It is a city is a thousand times more interesting than these images we see in movies like “L’auberge espagnole” or “Vicky Cristina” … 
What is your  favourite Barrio in  Barcelona? 
I love all the neighbourhoods, but I tend to gravitate especially to  areas that are dedicated to pedestrians. I have a bit of an aversion to cars. To me they seem to disfigure the urban landscape and in my opinion belong to a time that should be part of an era gone by. 
When did you realize that you were going to be stalking people with a camera? 
<Laughs>I began to dabble in photography when I was about 17 … 
I started playing around  in a photo laboratory in Paris which is where I learned how to develop Black and White photographs. I used to spend hours in the lab usually until 2 or 3 in the morning.  
What inspires you to take a particular image? 
Like every photographer, my idea is to take pictures in order to show something that nobody saw.  I like the idea of being in a public place and showing something that most people miss.  
The idea is NOT to say:  “I saw that and you didn’t!”  but rather to say “I saw this and I want to share it with you.”  
I am more interested in having an image that speaks to the viewer. Pictures  which are easy to understand. I do not want my pictures to be so intellectual that the person seeing the image doesn’t “GET IT”. I want people to be moved by the images and get excited when they view my work. 
Who Are The Photographers that have made the most impact throughout your life and career? 
I obviously  have a multiple inspirations. Another talented Martin is: Martin Parr. I also have a great appreciation for Depardon, Salgado, Koudelka, Avedon and many other photographers who are less known. 
Now that you mention it, I can see the inspiration of Parr in your work. Detached but humorous. Your right it could be the name… 
<Laughs>See I told you so! 
** Martin Hesbert the Parisian in Barcelona, is currently working on a few top secrets projects. When he is not busy behind his camera documenting the day-to-day life in Barcelona. He is traveling around Europe as an international man of mystery. 

To see More of Martin Hesbert’s work click {HERE


World Press Photo 09

2 Dec

For the fifth consecutive year, Photographic Social Vision Foundation, in collaboration with the CCCB, presents World Press Photo 09.

The World Press Photo exhibition – a collection of the winning entries in the World Press Photo Competition – is internationally recognised as the most important touring exhibition of photojournalism in the world. As well as displaying the best photographs of 2008, it is also a historic document of the main news events of the year.

Each year, an independent, thirteen-member international jury chooses the winning photographs from submissions by photojournalists, agencies, newspapers and photographers around the world. The photos compete in 11 categories: news events, current affairs, people in the news, sports, action photography, sports reportage, contemporary issues, daily life, portraits, nature and art and entertainment.

The winning photographs are exhibited annually in 80 cities in 40 countries, on condition that all works have to be shown without censorship of any kind. The fact that thousands of visitors from around the world see this exhibition shows photography’s power to overcome linguistic and cultural boundaries.

World Press Photo provides images that become part of the collective memory. Stunning images that have changed, on many occasions, the course of history and public opinion.

To see all of this year’s winning images please click {HERE}

Barcelona Hotel_Chic & Basic: The Cure For The Common Hotel

20 Oct



Today I spent the day on a hotel hunt, checking out new places throughout Barcelona and doing some research on a few places which will be posted later this week. One of my favorite finds was CHIC & BASIC a hotel that is housed in a  beautiful old building in EL BORN.

This place opened 5 years ago and is currently in the process of remodeling it´s fantastic bar simply called the “WHITE BAR”

white bar

This place breaks all the rules of what a basic hotel should be, done up in white washed halls over the top furniture and  sexy lighting it is impossible not to relax upon entering this space. The service at the counter was excellent and the place is filled with hipsters. If you are in Barcelona and spending the weekend shopping with friends, this  is the place to ditch you bags and head out for a night on the town .

Chic & Basic

In fact while trying to scope out the place without getting thrown out for loitering I witnessed a fashion shoot  taking place in the of the rooms. This is the sort of place where art directors linger in the hallway twittering on their iphone,  and hip young international travelers mingle in the common areas.  This place definitely attracts a younger more stylish crowd so if your idea of  hotel is tea time rather than happy hour you might want to curb your enthusiasm.


The hallways, resemble space ships, with white lacquered walls, soft lighting and chilled out electronica humming in the background. The rooms are like the title suggests “basic” but the common areas more than make up for it.

Amenities include Gym, reading room, kitchen area,  internet center and a spacious living room with lots of natural light.

This is not the Ritz or the W this is just a place for people who spend their vacation exploring the city and when they finally come back to the room they are greeted with a warm sense of style and a vibe that many a hotel rarely get right.

living room

For more info on the hotel  click it HERE