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Music Fills The Streets Of Barcelona

12 Mar

Next week the streets, plazas and parks of Barcelona will come alive as the The International Music Competition Maria Canals of Barcelona kicks off it’s 57th edition of this competition.

Founded in 1954 by the pianist Maria Canals and her husband, the writer Rossend Llates. This competition has achieved a level of  international recognition since it was accepted by the World Federation of International Music Competitions in 1958. With over 7000 participants from 100 countries and 180 jury members from all over the world this festival is one of the most accessable music competitions and has become a point of reference for music festivals the world over.

With more than 100 families from Barcelona  lending their pianos to contestants during the competition the pianos are placed in various parts of the city in order for anyone to enjoy the music of the world’s best pianists.

For a complete calendar of events CLICK HERE

MCBThe International Music Competition Maria Canals

MARCH 19, 2011- April 1, 2011

BAR_celona: 360 SkyBar- Hotel Barcelo Raval

9 Oct

Every night at 7pm the rooftop of the Hotel Barcelo presents their nightly sunset session on the rooftop terrace aptly named 360, enter through the lobby take the 3rd elevator up to the 11th floor and enjoy the Barcelona Sunset. With spectacular views of Montjuic, the beaches  and the entire city. You can watch the city lights turn on as you sip mojitos and experience Barcelona at a bird’s eye view.  The perfect place to start up your night or wind down after work, 360 is one of those emergency exits the city hides so well as a welcome change from the chaotic streets of El Raval.


Rambla Raval, 17
08001 Barcelona, Spain
933 201 490

Els Amics De Les Arts- Live At The Arc Of Triomf

12 Sep

Last night thousands of people showed up at the ARCO DE TRIOMF for a night of Catalan Unity to celebrate the Catalan Independence ONZE  DE SETEMBRE (September 11th). At 10 pm ELS AMICS DE LES ARTS took the stage and played a solid set that had the crowds going wild and Catalan flags waiving in the wind. 

Here is a recap of the night- enjoy!

All Photos by David Naveira

Barcelona Band -The Pinker Tones

15 Jan

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Happy Friday, this song is from local Barcelona band- The Pinker Tones.

Tengo ganas de verano!!

Wax Tailor- Grooves That Fit Like A Glove

9 Nov

       Direct from Paris – Wax Tailor brings his signature sound to the Barcelona stage on November 19.  His latest album “In The Mood For Life” features his trademark sampling and seamless blend of  jazz arrangements over soulful lyrics and Hip-Hop beats. The video below shows a talented producer collaborating with up and coming artists from New York to Paris to create an orchestra of vintage inspired beats with old movie sound bites. Bouncing back and forth between styles and genres his newest sonic endeavor will appeal to those looking for chilled out tracks (Oscar) as well as those with more adventurous musical palate (Cheron). 

To sample the mind-blowing new album “IN THE MOOD FOR LIFE”

 click here 

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Pulso Tunes #201 _Late Night Grooves

29 Oct

Some late night classics that hit the spot after a long day.


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From Barcelona with a Brazilian kiss-NSISTA

27 Oct


Back in 2000, two Brazilian sisters- Marise Cardoso aka DJIIVA and Amarilis Vitale arrived in Barcelona and were instantly blown away by the electronic music scene that was taking the city by storm.

Together they formed NSISTA,  a band whose sound has been influenced by their travels around the world.  Their Brazilelectro beats have evolved over the years reflecting the years of crossing borders and  genres. Like stamps on their passports, their music is a unique collage of  samba beats layered over lush electronic arrangements and experimental sounds cascading in the background. Their look consisting  of recycled  materials such as plastic bottles and bottle caps  form post modern head pieces  which reflects their do it your self attitude.


On this particular Sunday night – NSISTA holds center court in an old convent  turned  cultural center on the border of the Born neighborhood. The hipster crowd below them- can’t stop moving their heads and hips to the sambatronic beats radiating from the speakers.  They stand center stage in an open courtyard, bathed in hot pink light and transmitting love for their fans.

The neighbors however, don’t seemed too amused by the weekend festival which is now on its 15th edition, was created by MARISE  and aptly named PULGAS MIX.  A  flea market based concept, that has over taken the space with artist, musicians and fashion designers from all over spain. The goal of the festival is to share the talent in an incubated center for people to touch and hear the pulse of Barcelona’s art scene. 


When not producing music, or organizing festivals NSISTA  also lends a hand and signature sound to bands such as Macaco, Ojos de Brujo, Brazuca and Matraca  that turn to the duo when looking to brazilify their sound.

To discover the SAMBA XXXPERIENCE click here .

Make sure to check out the AfroMix of  their new track CABOCLA

To  download their  new single  CABOCLA click HERE

Pulso Tunes #200

15 Oct
PulsoBCN’s Playlist
The songs that float through my head as I walk about the Borne on sunny afternoons. Some old stuff -some new stuff- some blue stuff.

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1.We Need A Change– “Follow me and I’ll Follow you” .

2.Golden Cage– Reminds me of sunrise after a night of drinking with friends- soundtrack for the walk of shame. 

3. You Know Me Better– Pure talent effortless cool- plus it has a  great video.

4.Remind Me– Subway tunes, lyrics keep me sane when I’m running in the Rat Race.

5. I’d Rather Dance With You– Great guitar,  rare mix of  one of the most brutally honest songs.

6. Hurricane Jane– So unpolished and uncomfortable with their talent, I can’t help to love them.

7.Saturdays– Cut Copy released their album in 2001 and failed miserably, but after millions of internet downloads in 2007 the record company  reissued the album and they became the darlings of the synthed up, 80’s sampled retro futuristic pumping out of  ipods of every self-respecting hipster. 

8.Paper Planes– There is a little hustler in all of us, sometimes you just got to roll with it and let it out…

**Hidden Track : Tigers In The Fire- “I can live life hanging by a string/I can do anything so don’t bother me”


_ d a v i d

ULLS FESTIVAL 09- Art For The People.

11 Oct


The ULLS Festival takes over the streets of Barcelona, October 14-18,  invading the city with four days of  Dance, Music, Film and Theatre.  This week the  ULLS Festival  sets up shop at the Palau de la Virreina and various points around the city. 

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 This festival is one of  Barcelona’s most radical and alternative of cultural festivasl  which the city hosts.  Now in it’s third year the  emphasis of this festival is placed in the performance of art.  All of the events are free of charge  in order to generate an open access to ART.

Imatge ULLS 2009 (2)A  festival to be enjoyed by all who call the “cuidad condal”  home, regardless of money, social class, or citizenship.

The only requirement is to be one of an open mind.

The four day event will host a total of 8 theater performances, 5 concerts, 5 workshops, 3 film screenings and 2 performances by alternative artists.

Among the other events are art workshops for the kids  as well as an art exhibit.

 14 countries are participating in this forum, which is meant to act as a cultural exchange between Latin America and Europe revolving around artists  sharing their concept of life and art between the two continents.

For a complete listing of events and location check out


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OBILIQUE_Music Is My Medicine

22 Sep


Three lovers of Barcelona’s electronic music scene have joined forces to  form Oblique the latest blip on the indie scene radar. The band made up of frontmangirl are Sonja (vocals & lyrics) Gonzalez (synth & programming) & Linn ( bass and synth support). Together they make a perfect trifecta, pumping out the infectious dance beats with a lo-fi edge.

StairsInfluenced by the sounds of bands such as The Human League, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Client, Ladytron, Tiga, Soulwax and many others  have defenitley left their mark on Obilique’s style and it  is reflected in their unmistakable personal look and style.

Obilique manages to create an electronic universe where the 80’s culture and the dark-dance and dancing music have wedge their place in  dance floors across Europe.

This Barcelona band’s latest video has been placed in heavy rotation on MTV Italy and the band’s popularity is spreading across Europe to underground music lovers in Germany, Portugal, and United Kingdom. After this past years killer performance at Sonar, the band is heating up to be one of the break out stars of 2009.


To Listen to OBILIQUE’s retro futuristic sound click on the video below or go to their myspace page :


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Shout Out- “Dr. Sativo”

13 Sep

…And now a word from Dr. Sativo,  Barcelona’s King of Latin Reggae/Jazz 


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