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Tim Robbins presents:1984 in BARCELONA * Orwell’s future is here _

30 Sep


Walking through  the Ramblas this morning I came across a sign in huge white letters; simple font on a black background-  it read:


 -With security cameras, mobile messaging, facebook, twitter  -and google maps tracking our every move, we have managed to create a society that not only promotes interaction with one another but charts our every move. We are quick to sign up to every single website that is “all the rage”, clicking the user agreement box and ignoring the fine print, just to save time (at least I do).

With all this technology readily available at our fingertips- now more than ever is George Orewll’s timeless classic 1984 so appropriately  insynch with the times.

Across the world, our culture capitals have evolved into interatcive platforms.  Plazas that bombard us with ads; parks that have become wireless zones. Cites that now closely resemble video games, instead of the agoras of public interaction and debates that were so common years ago.  The private has become public and no matter how hard we try we can’t escape the watchful eyes of each other. The citizen is now fast resembling an Orwellian  citizen. A  one man machine- chronicling the ebbs and flows of  the streets and pulse of the concrete jungle.

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Yet, where does all this information go?

Where is all this data going? Who is watching the watchers?

Actor Tim Robbins and his theatre group “The Actor’s Gang” have taken over the -TEATRO POLIORAMA- , on the Ramblas, to stage the a limited run of the adaptation of  George Orwell’s classic futuristic novel, 1984.

Robbins has not only chosen BARCELONA as the background for where the story unfolds, but has also done some interesting market research on the streets of “La Cuidad Condal”.

Orwell’s ties to Barcelona run deep- his love for the city and respect for it’s anti-facist ways had  always facinated the writer, leading him to call Barcelona his home during the spanish civil war. His passion for the voice of the people, prompted him to write: Homage To Catalonia a chronicle recording the will of the city against a regime that grew strong before their very eyes.

In a twist of irony the George Orwell Plaza located in the Gothic Quarter remains under tight suppervision by Big brother himself- security cameras. A fact that Orwell himself would find mind blowing. 


With 73% of Catalans not finding anything wrong -with the digital repression , that has slowly infiltrated our streets, we take one-step closer to a future that not even Orwell could have imagined.


The play which begins tonight, aims to stimulate an important conversation and encourage the people of Barcelona to think about whether they really are perfectly happy being watched over by their elected officials.

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To find out more about 1984 log onto
The Future is now.

Foto Del Dia

27 Sep


La Foto Del Dia

26 Sep

La Merce 09Teatro Grec- Fiesta La Merce 09

Recdi8_An International Design Treasure Chest In El Borne

23 Sep

logoIf  “design” is your drug of choice; then look no further for a supplier.

Design shop treasure chest  recdi8, will satisfy the urge of even the most jaded cool hunter.

This small store located in the painfully cool neighborhood of EL BORNE,  carries the latest and greatest from such great designers as Tom Dixon, and Barcelona’s latest  “IT”  deisgn force MITE MITE (,  whose crime fighting bag made headlines around the world. ( **The crime bag can also be found at recdi8)

The store’s playful approach to design is a welcome sight in an area populated with hipper than thou shoe stores and modern tapaterias. 


 The brainchild  of owners Alex Baeza, Albert Vuidez, Norbert Frei; recdi8 is a shop that makes design readily available to the masses. With over 15 years of design experience, the shop in the Borne is an extension of their  design firm which has been dressing up Barcelona’s slickest spaces to date.  With an eye for global trends and their calibrated eyes every piece in here is worth it’s weight in gold.

If you are searching for limited edition pieces and unique home accessories; head over to recdi8 and get your fix.

Recdi8_Design Shop:  C/Espaseria 7,  El Borne

Recdi8_Showroom:  C/ Flor del Lliri, 4, El borne

The Wonderful World of Dani Torrent

23 Sep


In 2008, illustrator Dani Torrent took on the project of adapting Hans Christopher Anderson’s “The Little Mermaid”. The result is an adaptation that dives deep into the darkest corners of the so called  “fairy tale”.

Torrent,  beautifully creates a fairytale for adults , weaving his own personal vision and intertwines them with childhood memories of gypsies, fishermen, and vagabonds. The story set in a post war Barcelona,  places the main character in an industrial setting where chimneys replace trees ; and abandonded power plants substitute palaces.


 “The Mermaid”, which took over 18 months to complete has yet to find a publishing house.  Dani, whose version has stayed true to the text by Anderson, wanted to explore the darker side of the story. ” I was intrigued by the parts in the story that are never talked about, the things that are brushed under the rug.  Disney never tells you that the Prince would only allow her to  sleep outside his door, on  the doormat”


Inspired by this image, he began creating an androgynous looking mermaid, one without the perky breast and the perfect smile.  A soul that drifts quietly between two worlds, who is willing to change everything about her, and will suffer miserably, in order just to be loved.


Dani Torrent a native of Barcelona,  found his passion for art at an early age. He studied art in Bologna,  but moved back to Barcelona to pursue a career in film.  At the same time he began taking classes on illustration and decided he felt more at ease creating the storyboards. His work has been commissioned by lawyers, greeting card companies and was selected by author Jan Beltran to create his book cover. Up next for Torrent, is a children’s book as well as an upcoming exhibit in the fall.


To fall through the wonderful  world of  Dani Torrent please click below:

Foto Del Dia

23 Sep

DSCN2744Barcelonetta 13:30

OBILIQUE_Music Is My Medicine

22 Sep


Three lovers of Barcelona’s electronic music scene have joined forces to  form Oblique the latest blip on the indie scene radar. The band made up of frontmangirl are Sonja (vocals & lyrics) Gonzalez (synth & programming) & Linn ( bass and synth support). Together they make a perfect trifecta, pumping out the infectious dance beats with a lo-fi edge.

StairsInfluenced by the sounds of bands such as The Human League, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Client, Ladytron, Tiga, Soulwax and many others  have defenitley left their mark on Obilique’s style and it  is reflected in their unmistakable personal look and style.

Obilique manages to create an electronic universe where the 80’s culture and the dark-dance and dancing music have wedge their place in  dance floors across Europe.

This Barcelona band’s latest video has been placed in heavy rotation on MTV Italy and the band’s popularity is spreading across Europe to underground music lovers in Germany, Portugal, and United Kingdom. After this past years killer performance at Sonar, the band is heating up to be one of the break out stars of 2009.


To Listen to OBILIQUE’s retro futuristic sound click on the video below or go to their myspace page :


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