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Pulso Tunes #200

15 Oct
PulsoBCN’s Playlist
The songs that float through my head as I walk about the Borne on sunny afternoons. Some old stuff -some new stuff- some blue stuff.

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1.We Need A Change– “Follow me and I’ll Follow you” .

2.Golden Cage– Reminds me of sunrise after a night of drinking with friends- soundtrack for the walk of shame. 

3. You Know Me Better– Pure talent effortless cool- plus it has a  great video.

4.Remind Me– Subway tunes, lyrics keep me sane when I’m running in the Rat Race.

5. I’d Rather Dance With You– Great guitar,  rare mix of  one of the most brutally honest songs.

6. Hurricane Jane– So unpolished and uncomfortable with their talent, I can’t help to love them.

7.Saturdays– Cut Copy released their album in 2001 and failed miserably, but after millions of internet downloads in 2007 the record company  reissued the album and they became the darlings of the synthed up, 80’s sampled retro futuristic pumping out of  ipods of every self-respecting hipster. 

8.Paper Planes– There is a little hustler in all of us, sometimes you just got to roll with it and let it out…

**Hidden Track : Tigers In The Fire- “I can live life hanging by a string/I can do anything so don’t bother me”


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