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Matar En Barcelona

11 Oct


The Gothic Quarter at 4am on a school night, Montjuic at dusk,  El raval at 7am, all the type of places your mother warned you about but you never listened.

Only those who live in  Barcelona know how well the city keeps her secrets. Dimly lit  narrow streets, and strangers lurking everywhere.

Twelve young authors shed some light  on twelve real crimes in Barcelona, many of them quite recent. This is the premise the narrators of Matar en Barcelona (To kill in Barcelona) have based their fiction short stories. In this anthology, the authors have tracked a series of murders through news articles and other witnesses to build twelve stories inspired in the most mysterious crimes in the city’s history.

Matar en Barcelona comes as the second installment of a trilogy that started with Odio Barcelona (Melusina, 2008).

The vampire woman of the Ponent Street, the  Eixample serial rapist or the killer of old women are the protagonists of these short stories in which fiction fuses with chronicles in an exercise to blur the boundaries of the nouvelle noir, post-modern short stories and urban myths. Pure invention comes by the hand of journalist chronicles.

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