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_Style: Barcelona Warms Up With MATALAFRIA

17 Jan


 A few weeks ago at FRIO09  I came across MATALAFRIA in Room 17 of Hotel Chic & Basic. The room was jammed packed with girls trying on clothes as the cameras interviewed the man in charge of fashion feeding frenzy going on in the  room.

Matalafria (Kill the cold)  is a  fashion house the specializes in knitwear for both men and women here in Barcelona and with temperatures dipping into the 30’s, Barcelona’s fashionistas have kept warm with the merino and alpaca wool pieces from Matalafria.


Antonio Calderon and his team of designers are revolutionizing the way knitwear is presented by experimenting with volumetric shapes in a contemporary context.  Each machine is hand calibrated and every step of the process is supervised by Antonio & Co. in an effort to produce limited edition pieces that are both durable and classic.

Apart from having a showroom close to the Mercat Sant Antoni, those outside la Ciudad Condal,  can obtain his one-of a-kind pieces by simply clicking on his e-shop. With an extremely modern take on scarfs and cable knit sweaters;  his accessories have become instantly recognizable  pieces of art hanging from the necks of the girls of Gracia to the skinny pant wearing hipsters of El Raval. Projecting a style that is totally versatile, it is entirely up to the wearer to control  how each piece will be interpreted.

With a colorful vintage campaign that reminds me vaguely of the series MADMEN, Matalafria is well on the way to becoming the talk of town with their original point of view and sense of humor. One part vintage with a touch of irony- Matalafria has caught the eyes of stylists by presenting a tight collection available in red and black for women with a range of darker tones for men. This company is definitely one to watch in 2010.

Click  here to unravel the delicate talent of MATALAFRIA