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2 Sep


Until September 22nd, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA) will expand its regular hours and open Friday and Saturday until 10 pm. During this period the MACBA will offer a special summer offer which includes a PASSI card with the purchase of entry when visiting the museum. The PASSI allows free entry to the museum for a whole year.

During these extended hours the ticket includes a series of guided tours to exhibitions, as well as access to the terrace on the first floor. This space sponsored by Moritz Barcelona will invite all visitors to drink a beer in this terrace.

Currently the MACBA is presenting the following exhibitions:


MACBA- Plaça dels Àngels, 1  08001 Barcelona 902.88.49.90

La Foto Del Dia

10 Dec



Vicky & Cristina Did Not Have LeCool In Barcelona

11 Nov

le cool[1]  photo by: David Naveira

        Seven months ago I packed up my things and left the pastel colored buildings of South Beach, for the more exciting city of Barcelona. Part Spanish myself, I thought it would be easier to assimilate. It was harder than I thought…However, one book did change save my life…

  “The Weird & Wonderful Guide To Barcelona” by LeCool.

While  Vicky and Cristina were spending time in a basically non-existent Barcelona, I sat in a café in the Born, listening to a guitar player and flipping through the copy of my little red book.  Filled with tips and illustrated maps, this book is packed with information on every neighborhood and is compiled using tips from people on the streets, waiters as well as local celebrities. That afternoon was perhaps my best day in Barcelona and it did not involve an encounter with Javier Bardem.


For those of you coming to Barcelona, take heed. As soon as you arrive in the city- ditch you bags in your hotel and find a book store and buy this  Barcelona bible. If you weren’t a believer in the church of LeCool you will be by the time you have your 3rd encimada. 

To buy the little red book try the bookstores at the MACBA or CCCB or any other small bookstore or lifestyle store.

For more info on LeCool click on the logo.



MUJI and WHOTELLS Team Up For A Barcelona Love Affair Inspired By The Sea.

6 Nov


_Aerial View Of La Barceloneta

            MUJI and  WHOTELLS (not to be confused with THE W HOTEL) have teamed up and the collaboration has been inspired by the sea. The result is a simple holiday flat for those who want the comfort of staying somewhere that feels more like you have the keys to a friend’s pad rather than staying in a corporate chain.

They offer three properties around Barcelona however, keep in mind that depending on which neighborhood  you choose to stay at it, it will have a dramatic impact on your perception of Barcelona. These apart-hotels have buildings in 3 areas: The Barceloneta, The Raval & The Eixample but, like three children its hard to say which one you like best

Having furnished all of their apartments with the simplistic modern touch of  MUJI ( one of my favorite stores) the Barceloneta property is a laid back loft done up in simple blues.whotells bcneta

The edgier brother is the property in Raval home to vintage shops, cool pubs and the skateboarders at the MACBA.raval

While the Eixample property is the personification of  the uncluttered urban attitude with a definite point of view.eixamp

Check it out for yourself.  WHOTELLS and MUJI: a match made in heaven.

The Original Mash-Up Artist_RAY JOHNSON invades the MACBA

2 Nov



Ray Johnson will be rolling in his grave next week when the MACBA presents a retrospective on the ART World’s most  famously unknown artist: RAY JOHNSON

I came across his work 6 months ago when reading The Accidental Masterpiece: On The Art Of Life And Vice Versa by Michael Kimmelman, a book written about  the most staggering geniuses the world never knew.


Ray Johnson was the first to revel in POP ART. The original Andy Warhol, he manipulated his public image as an artist/celebrity, no one really ever knew the man behind the artist. The fact that he died with 400,000 in a bank account when most people thought he didn’t have a dime, is a true tesitimony to his secrecy. He increasingly became hell-bent on blurring the line between what could be considered art. The ANTI ARTIST, his specialty was mind games, puzzles and clues.

One of my favorite Johnson anecdotes is the one where a bargin-hunting art collector offered him 1/4 of the price of the canvas. Johnson then took his check and cut out 1/4 of the canvas.


The grandfather of mashup and sampling, he became interested in MAIL ART, a project in which he would mail unfinished pieces of his art to other famous people, friends, and strangers with the simple instructions to: “Please ADD to and RETURN”. 

His Final OPUS was an art performance he called NOTHINGS inspired by the number 13. On a cold winter’s day he checked into a hotel, room 247 (2+4+7=13) to be exact. He then drove up the highway to the bridge where he completed his final work by jumping off a bridge into the freezing waters of Sag Harbour in New York on JAN 13th the day of his birthday. No coincidence then that he was found dead at age 67 (6+7=13).

ray_johnsonThe exhibit in Barcelona curated by Alex Sainsbury in collaboration with Chus Martinez  is simply called: “Ray Johnson. Please Add to & Return” and opens at the MACBA on November6th. This retrospective of Johnson’s collages and mailings will mark the first time that an exhibition dedicated to the artist will take place in Spain.

The exhibitions Ray Johnson: Please Add to & Return and John Cage and Experimental Art: The Anarchy of Silence will be simultaneously on view at the MACBA, affording an opportunity to explore the relations between the work of  both artists.  Ray Johnson, frequent reference is made to the figure and work of John Cage. His work reflects an in-depth interest in the idea of chance applied to the artistic approach developed by Cage.


For more information on the Johnson exhibit @ the MACBA click {HERE}