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La Foto Del Dia

10 Jan



13 Nov

Any tourist in Barcelona with a camera and some time to spare knows that the Boqueria is the place to take fantastic pictures. The Boqueria has a special place in the hearts of the locals due to its central location and catalan charm. It is not uncommon to see the world’s best chef Ferran Adria handpicking his ingredients at the Boqueria since right around the corner from the market is his now legendary workshop/office.

 After work on Friday my friend Florie asked me to accompany her to the Market to pick up a few things for her family. Since I always carry my camera on me here are some pictures of the Marketplace around closing time.


BCNtip* Check out the market around closing time means fewer people and better prices especially toward the back of the market.

ARTFUTURA_ Art+Thoughts

8 Nov

menutop_logo_dark is a  brilliant Show at the Santa Monica Art Center in the lower RAVAL. Now in its 20th edition, they have provided a great retrospect of the catalogue of their work. Aimed at bringing art and technology together, they have presented a great collection of work that spans two decades in the making.

“At the beginning of this third millennium we enter a process in which art and science run together on parallel paths..”

Artificial Life, Virtual Reality, computer generated images… are only the first chapter of a new universe, capable of both broadening and shrinking the human spirit


Last Thursday Improv Everywhere partnered up with ART FUTURA for the MP3 Experiment on Las Ramblas. Hundreds of people downloaded instructions on their MP3 player and showed up to the front door of the center without any idea what was in store for them. See what happens when technology encourages real time interaction.

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For more information on ::ART FUTURA:: click AQUI!

Style and Substance meet at LA XINA

9 Sep

SalaIn 2008 Tomas Tarruella and his partner Rosa Maria Esteva packed their bags and took 16 of their employees on a trip of a lifetime through the Orient on a journey to inspire them recreate the mystery and elegance of the Cantonese culture and cuisine.

After packing up four land rovers and traveling over 3000 miles from Peking to Shanghai, the out come of this voyage through China ended in the creation of LA XINA, a modern take on the tradition Cantonese Dim Sum Restaurant. 

Grupo Tragaluz teamed up once again with the designers of the critically acclaimed Hotel OMM-  Sandra Tarruella and Isabel Lopez, to breathe life and sensuality to this bi level space overlooking the  world famous Ramblas at the entrance to former Barrio Xino. Over looking the dining room, the huge paper dragon watches silently over diners reflecting the strength and mystery of far east in a more intimate setting in Barcelona.


La Xina- Pintor Fortuny 3 Barcelona, Spain

Metro: Liceu <L3>

http://www.laxinaderamblas.es/Enter the dragon