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See The Sexy New Ikea Ad by SCPF

7 Feb

It starts with a glass breaking and evolves very rapidly into a glimpse inside the bedrooms of  spanish couples in various states of bliss. It ends with a simple phrase, “The richest man is not he, who has more but, he who needs less”.

Fresh, sexy and to the point the new commercial currently on heavy rotation on Spanish TV is burning up the airwaves with the sultry flamenco song and a simple  tagline.  What makes this commercial so  different  between Spain and  tv in the USA aside from the obvious, is Spain’s openness to human sexuality. These commercials have ben airing at all times of the day and have not trigger a massive amount of emails or advertising boycotts, which usually happens in the U.S. whenever something remotely sexy comes along. Something refreshing for the 21st century.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


The creatives behind the 30 sec Spanish Ikea spot is no other than SCPF, a creative agency here in Spain which had the task of bringing out the best in having an Ikea Bedroom.

On a side note if your Alex Bogusky, the agency has even added your own direct link in order to reach you, an  impressive little tid bit taken off their ironic website.