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_VIEWFINDER: Albert Jodar

3 Apr

I came across the mesmerizing work of Albert Jodar (Badalona b. 1982), one friday afternoon when walking through the neighborhood of Sant Pere and walking into Swallow Gallery.

His portraits of modern spanish citizens against ordinary backdrops make his work exciting and as he takes traditional themes and captures them with a modern eye.

A country torn between past and present these festivals which date back to medieval times,are what anchor the heart minds and souls of the spanish people.His body of work gives an inside view of  the festival of San Fermin to the haunting eyes of the most devout catholics during  Semana Santa. While his docu-artistic series are comprised of beautiful angles and in your face composition. It is his portrait work which stands out, his ability to capture a the genuine everyday life of Spanish life at the beginning of the 21st century are the type of images which any photo collector would be proud to own.

As semana santa rituals play out across the country, I present his brilliant series titled : “En La Santa Semana”.

 To se more of his work click  ALBERT JODAR