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_La Musa: Swallow Gallery

28 Jan


In the shadow of the Palau de Musica the  in the barrio of Sant Pere, you can definitely see a different side of Barcelona, one not shown in postcards or guidebooks. In this neighborhood, the streets seem to become more narrow,  and the pace slows down just a bit. In the afternoon sun, the red underwear, blue shirts, and yellow socks become a mosaic of colors decorating one of my favorite barrios of Barcelona. While most people tend to overlook this barrio- a short walk down C/Sant Pere Mes Alt will take you down a street filled with unassuming cafes, bookshops, pastry schools  and the latest art gallery & new kid on the block: SWALLOW GALLERY.

 Tucked away on a quiet street dating back to the 14th century, the location is perfect for a the small gallery that is dedicated to promoting the works of new artists. Their debut show- “In Memoriam” was the ambitiously curated work of  Juan Diego Tobalina  and Katherinne Fiedler.  A collection of images from 15 different artists giving their unique take on death and nostalgia.

Their newest art opening “Drawing Intimacy” opening tonight will run until  Feb 28 and will focus on intimacy in all shapes and forms. From self portraits, to sketches on relationships this collection is the highly anticipated follow-up show and bound to bring together a new generation of art lovers who are in touch with art in a social media age.

In 2003  Juan and Katherinne, arrived in Barcelona to work on their art, (both are plastic artists) their dream to create an art space that was  not  just another perfectly sterile art apace has come true. The space itself is part studio, part incubator. Showing off  thework of emerging artists- working in all forms of mediums as well as a meeting point for new artists.

To Support this great new gallery pass on the word by stopping by their gallery tonight or heading to their web page.

SWALLOW GALLERY- C/Argenter 19, Barcelona