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World Press Photo 09

2 Dec

For the fifth consecutive year, Photographic Social Vision Foundation, in collaboration with the CCCB, presents World Press Photo 09.

The World Press Photo exhibition – a collection of the winning entries in the World Press Photo Competition – is internationally recognised as the most important touring exhibition of photojournalism in the world. As well as displaying the best photographs of 2008, it is also a historic document of the main news events of the year.

Each year, an independent, thirteen-member international jury chooses the winning photographs from submissions by photojournalists, agencies, newspapers and photographers around the world. The photos compete in 11 categories: news events, current affairs, people in the news, sports, action photography, sports reportage, contemporary issues, daily life, portraits, nature and art and entertainment.

The winning photographs are exhibited annually in 80 cities in 40 countries, on condition that all works have to be shown without censorship of any kind. The fact that thousands of visitors from around the world see this exhibition shows photography’s power to overcome linguistic and cultural boundaries.

World Press Photo provides images that become part of the collective memory. Stunning images that have changed, on many occasions, the course of history and public opinion.

To see all of this year’s winning images please click {HERE}

Sonimagfoto & Multimedia show

11 Oct


son-imag-foto-2553-1The crisis has effected all sectors, but this year Sonimagfoto focused on the experience. With several booths allowing the crowds to interact with the products and artist at hand.

One of my favorite exhibits was Argos,  a space that allowed visitors  to sit back and watch a slide show  of 8 different artists. The space it’s self was a disappointment. With Argos, being sponsored by Panasonic, it was obvious that the director of marketing had no idea what an oppertunity this could have been for the company to reinvent themselves.  Handing over just 2 televisions for the exhibit and a flimsy banner , Panasonic just ended up looking like a cheap big brother for a show specializing in multimedia.

The possibility of partnering up with 8 of the most promising photographers  was something that was not taken into the equation, especially when the majority of the attendees were being wowed by more complete spaces such as CASIO and CASSNOVA

However, the exhibit still was one of the most eye catching and refreshingly raw talent at the show. Focusing on human rights and social issues this space curated new images by 8 outstanding photographers and artists that brought together photography, video and music.  Below are a few of my favorites…


“Forced Identity”. Pep Bonet. New exhibition The life of homosexuals and transsexuals in Honduras, viewed with respect and sensitivity, forming part of a series of photographs on AIDS in the world today. This Majorca photographer won the second World Press Photo Award in 2008 with these images.



“The forestman”. Daniel Loewe. New exhibition An impressive series of photographs documenting the life of an old hermit who lives in the Collserola mountains near Barcelona. Loewe has photographed him over the last four years and the results are now exclusively presented at this year’s show.




 “Barcelonaskyline”. Sergi García Panoramic views of Barcelona taken from the mountains or from the sea, at dawn or at sunset. Barcelona in all its splendour.

All in all it was a pretty tame show however, it would be nice to see companies stepping up to the plate and really showing the support behind these shows and what they can achieve as far as showcasing new technologies and new ways of displaying what lies ahead.

ULLS FESTIVAL 09- Art For The People.

11 Oct


The ULLS Festival takes over the streets of Barcelona, October 14-18,  invading the city with four days of  Dance, Music, Film and Theatre.  This week the  ULLS Festival  sets up shop at the Palau de la Virreina and various points around the city. 

Vodpod videos no longer available.

 This festival is one of  Barcelona’s most radical and alternative of cultural festivasl  which the city hosts.  Now in it’s third year the  emphasis of this festival is placed in the performance of art.  All of the events are free of charge  in order to generate an open access to ART.

Imatge ULLS 2009 (2)A  festival to be enjoyed by all who call the “cuidad condal”  home, regardless of money, social class, or citizenship.

The only requirement is to be one of an open mind.

The four day event will host a total of 8 theater performances, 5 concerts, 5 workshops, 3 film screenings and 2 performances by alternative artists.

Among the other events are art workshops for the kids  as well as an art exhibit.

 14 countries are participating in this forum, which is meant to act as a cultural exchange between Latin America and Europe revolving around artists  sharing their concept of life and art between the two continents.

For a complete listing of events and location check out www.ulls.org


more about “ULLS FESTIVAL.09“, posted with vodpod

Foto Del Dia

27 Sep


*Portfolio_ The Intrusive Eye Of Biel Capllonch

21 Sep


Fotos by_Biel Capllonch

Barcelona based photographer Biel Capllonch , has been shooting images for nearly 15 years.  His body of work is extensive as it is diverse, he has shot campaigns for Ikea as well as covers for LeCool.  A master of composition, his work leaves you questioning what is at the periphery of his lens.  Both intense and shrouded in mystery his images are quietly chaotic and conceptually well restrained with a calm force of candor for his subjects at hand.

When looking at his images one gets the feeling of being an intruder in a world that only Biel has stumbled upon and one which only he knows what really happened that day. Are we voyeurs? Do the subjects know we are watching? Do they like it? Did we get there to late?

 His photography evokes a certain kind of awkward silence; a journey behind closed doors of the suburban, the glamorous and the elite.  It is a study in human emotion, fears, and the peeling back of veils. Nothing is what it seems. Nothing will ever be same.


La Foto Del Dia

12 Sep
Parque de Horta

Parque de Horta