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La Foto Del Dia

27 Mar

(La Duquesa de) ALBA tomando un café en la terraza de La Candela.


Around 9 pm Saturday night I passes the restaurant LA CANDELA in San Pere. Outside the restaurant lost in her thoughts she smoked her cigarette and drank her coffee. I asked for her picture and she agreed. When I told her where the photo would appear- she took a long drag from her cigarette and smiled faintly… she couldn’t have cared less.


La Foto Del Dia

19 Mar

The Wedding Pictures

La Foto Del Dia

3 Mar

El Cinismo Vegano

La Foto Del Dia

27 Feb

El Duque de Via Laietana


Image By: David Naveira

La Foto Del Dia- Tibidao

13 Feb

Photo by David Naveira


At the top of Tibidabo religion and entertainment meet at 512 meters above sea level- fun for the whole family…

La Foto Del Dia

7 Feb


SUNSET IN TARRAGONA- Photo by David Naveira

La Foto Del Dia

3 Feb