LeLook Takes Over The Hotel Me

23 Oct

Last Saturday night, Barcelona’s most over the top fashionistas packed into the lobby of the Hotel Me- Barcelona for a night of pure street style. With photo sessions by Cristian Di Stefano and an impromptu fashion show LeLook, has played host to Barcelona’s most original parties thanks to Igor Sado and Carole Touati with a cool head they both preside over the nights party posing for pictures and organizing the press. Walking into a lelook party is a fantasy where social media meets hyper reality. Flashes go off and every corner is a photo shoot and every movement is updated to various social media networkd. The blond in front of me tweets her drink order and updates her status on facebook while checking her reflection in the mirror. Everyone is on display and waiting for their picture to be taken.

Here’s a recap of the night Enjoy!

Photos by David Naveira

"Dancer In The Dark"

Strawberry Cava

magic powder

take my picture

One Of A Kind

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