_VIEWFINDER: Martin Hesbert

15 Dec

I met Barcelona based photographer Martin Hesbert at the LE LOOK Party a few weeks ago. Eager to grab a perfect shot he made his way through the crowded party like a solider in war. Weaving through the well-heeled crowds careful to document the vibe without interrupting.

His style is easy to identify- concise and clean, he presents his point of view without bragging or staging a scene. His ability to find moments of peace in what usually tend to be chaotic urban settings is what made me take note of his photography and talent.

With a sharp eye and attention to detail, Martin Hesbert manages to unlock the secrets of Barcelona through his camera lens. We caught up with Mr. Hesbert for a quick chat and talked a bit about  Barcelona, Paris and his work. Check out his interview after a few of his images.

So Martin, where are you originally from? 
I’m from Paris, France.  
How long have you been in Barcelona? 
I have been in Barcelona for exactly 1 year, 1 month. I am very happy here but I am still having trouble getting used to the humidity! This summer was intense…
Why Barcelona?

 Well being only an hour and 20 mins away from Paris is always a plus! But I am drawn to Barcelona because of the way it is. Barcelona, is NOT the city  you see in films. It is a city that holds its secrets well, It is a city is a thousand times more interesting than these images we see in movies like “L’auberge espagnole” or “Vicky Cristina” … 
What is your  favourite Barrio in  Barcelona? 
I love all the neighbourhoods, but I tend to gravitate especially to  areas that are dedicated to pedestrians. I have a bit of an aversion to cars. To me they seem to disfigure the urban landscape and in my opinion belong to a time that should be part of an era gone by. 
When did you realize that you were going to be stalking people with a camera? 
<Laughs>I began to dabble in photography when I was about 17 … 
I started playing around  in a photo laboratory in Paris which is where I learned how to develop Black and White photographs. I used to spend hours in the lab usually until 2 or 3 in the morning.  
What inspires you to take a particular image? 
Like every photographer, my idea is to take pictures in order to show something that nobody saw.  I like the idea of being in a public place and showing something that most people miss.  
The idea is NOT to say:  “I saw that and you didn’t!”  but rather to say “I saw this and I want to share it with you.”  
I am more interested in having an image that speaks to the viewer. Pictures  which are easy to understand. I do not want my pictures to be so intellectual that the person seeing the image doesn’t “GET IT”. I want people to be moved by the images and get excited when they view my work. 
Who Are The Photographers that have made the most impact throughout your life and career? 
I obviously  have a multiple inspirations. Another talented Martin is: Martin Parr. I also have a great appreciation for Depardon, Salgado, Koudelka, Avedon and many other photographers who are less known. 
Now that you mention it, I can see the inspiration of Parr in your work. Detached but humorous. Your right it could be the name… 
<Laughs>See I told you so! 
** Martin Hesbert the Parisian in Barcelona, is currently working on a few top secrets projects. When he is not busy behind his camera documenting the day-to-day life in Barcelona. He is traveling around Europe as an international man of mystery. 

To see More of Martin Hesbert’s work click {HERE


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