The (U)topian Manifesto by Le Cool

10 Dec

The BARCELONA (U)topian Manifesto by LE COOL

1.- Bicing will work well.
2.- Exhibitions and artistic showings will always be free, no concert will cost more than €30 and new albums will cost €7.
3.- In case of doubt, we will go back to barter: I give you this book I’ve finished and you let me into the show.
4.- Children will play in the parks, with the only exceptions being rain, snow, or the circus coming to town.
5.- The graffiti will return to MACBA.
6.- Tourists will be prohibited from group or bicycle tours of the Born.
7.- Mass attacks by flyer-trolls will be prohibited.
8.- The official dress code will be…colorful!
9.- Winter will be cold, summer will be hot. Not the reverse.
10.- We will listen first. Then, we will (optionally) speak.
Create your own manifesto of change!

  “Life isn’t about finding yourself. It’s about creating yourself.” -Bernard Shaw

 image: Banksy text: LeCool

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