Tres Tintas- Wallpaper With A Spanish Point Of View.

8 Nov

Tres Tintas logo

In 2004 a brilliant idea was unrolled over the dinner table. After years of owning Papels Airbau, the owner Jamie Bermejo Cutillas, wanted to focus on a different way to do wall coverings. A more modern approach to what was being considered at the time- as something extremely ugly and in poor taste.

They stripped the former company of its outdated image and went to work on the new company’s make-over. The first change came when they came across  the decade old archives of his father’s samples from the 1970’s. With  dozens of designs, they found roll after roll of wallpaper which  inspired them to create their first collection as Tres Tintas called : REVIVALfile_18_2.

The color combinations and flair for the print was a smashing success and a modern-day company was born.  With an appreciation for new talent, the owners set out on a quest to find the most talented new designer in Barcelona.  From the streets of the born  to the design Studio, Tres Tintas has been a launching point for street artists and students alike. Since  its inception the idea was not only  to discover new talent but also to encourage designers to be inspied by the city and collaborate with TRES TINTAS to produce unique wall coverings with a spanish point of viewsobre-nosotros.

. branches

Perfect for accent walls, home offices or commercial spaces, Tres Tintas offers a wide variety of styles and colors that allow you to make a BOLD statement or subtly dress up a corner.

 Their prints are a great modern solution for young urbanites who are price conscious yet  understand that saving money doesn’t mean you have to cut down on style. Always one to be a step ahead- Tres Tintas will be rolling out WALL-A-PORTER, a new software that will allow you to upload a picture of your room so that you can get an idea of what your space will look like with different shades and patterns. To start picking your accent wall you can can head over to TRES TINTAS and start browsing {HERE}

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