Sonimagfoto & Multimedia show

11 Oct


son-imag-foto-2553-1The crisis has effected all sectors, but this year Sonimagfoto focused on the experience. With several booths allowing the crowds to interact with the products and artist at hand.

One of my favorite exhibits was Argos,  a space that allowed visitors  to sit back and watch a slide show  of 8 different artists. The space it’s self was a disappointment. With Argos, being sponsored by Panasonic, it was obvious that the director of marketing had no idea what an oppertunity this could have been for the company to reinvent themselves.  Handing over just 2 televisions for the exhibit and a flimsy banner , Panasonic just ended up looking like a cheap big brother for a show specializing in multimedia.

The possibility of partnering up with 8 of the most promising photographers  was something that was not taken into the equation, especially when the majority of the attendees were being wowed by more complete spaces such as CASIO and CASSNOVA

However, the exhibit still was one of the most eye catching and refreshingly raw talent at the show. Focusing on human rights and social issues this space curated new images by 8 outstanding photographers and artists that brought together photography, video and music.  Below are a few of my favorites…


“Forced Identity”. Pep Bonet. New exhibition The life of homosexuals and transsexuals in Honduras, viewed with respect and sensitivity, forming part of a series of photographs on AIDS in the world today. This Majorca photographer won the second World Press Photo Award in 2008 with these images.



“The forestman”. Daniel Loewe. New exhibition An impressive series of photographs documenting the life of an old hermit who lives in the Collserola mountains near Barcelona. Loewe has photographed him over the last four years and the results are now exclusively presented at this year’s show.




 “Barcelonaskyline”. Sergi García Panoramic views of Barcelona taken from the mountains or from the sea, at dawn or at sunset. Barcelona in all its splendour.

All in all it was a pretty tame show however, it would be nice to see companies stepping up to the plate and really showing the support behind these shows and what they can achieve as far as showcasing new technologies and new ways of displaying what lies ahead.

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